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Name Before the Masses Tour: Lucky Charm by Marie Astor (Guest Post & Giveaway)

I recently came across a wonderful sounding contemporary set in a very romantic location.  That book is Lucky Charm by Marie Astor and she is here today courtesy of Goddess Fish Promotions talking about her favorite romantic location and providing a giveaway for all of you as well.  So make sure to read the entire post to learn about the giveaway and get signed up.  And now, without further ado, here's Marie......

The most romantic place in the world
by Marie Astor
Author of On the Rim of Love, Lucky Charm and A Chance Encounter and Other Stories

When it comes to naming the most romantic place in the world, opinions vary widely: some will cite Paris, while others will argue for Prague or Budapest, and others for the quaint streets of Greenwich Village or charming alleys of Central Park in New York. Yet, others will scoff at all of these places, opting for the open spaces of Colorado or Wyoming. My personal favorites include a mix of the above: as much as I love cobble-stoned streets and old-world architecture, I think that nature can be equally romantic: Harriman State Park, New York and Yellowstone, Wyoming are my favorites. When it comes to cities, I am partial to New York, and having visited Paris, I have to say that this beautiful city has a special place in my heart.
I could go on for hundreds of pages trying to come up with an exhaustive list, but that is not the point that I’m trying to make in this blog; rather, it is that, in my humble opinion, it is not the place that defines its romance, but one’s state of mind – you could be in the most romantic place in the world, but if your heart is not in the right place, the surroundings will be wasted on you.
In my contemporary romance novel, Lucky Charm, the main heroine, Annabel is getting over a broken engagement when she embarks on a trip to Paris with her best friend. At first, the charms of Paris are lost on her, as every romantic spot reminds her of being single in one of the world’s most romantic cities. But as Annabel comes to terms with her break-up and starts to explore the wonderful city of Paris, the trip becomes more interesting - yes, she does meet a love interest, if that’s what you’re guessing.
Now, I’m not saying that in order to enjoy a trip to a romantic destination one necessarily has to be in love - what I’m saying is that it is up to us to keep our minds open to possibilities and find romance in everyday life, and for that, one does not have to leave one’s home. A walk down one’s street can be romantic, and a drink at the local pub can turn into a myriad of possibilities.

I would like to conclude this post by wishing everyone to keep their hearts open to romance and their minds open to possibilities, and to those who have already found their soul mates to remember of ways to find romance in everyday life.

Twenty-eight-year old Annabel Green is about to tie the knot with her college love, an aspiring author Jeremy Blake, but her plans for an ideal wedding are rudely interrupted when she catches Jeremy kissing his gorgeous book agent.

Shell-shocked by Jeremy’s betrayal, Annabel retreats into the quiet routine of TV dinners and solitary evenings. It is then that Annabel’s best friend, fashion designer Lilly Clayton, sets herself on a mission to draw Annabel out of her shell. In an attempt to persuade Annabel to keep an open mind on dating, Lilly takes Annabel for a stunning makeover, but after Annabel passes on a date with a dashing entrepreneur, Lilly decides that more drastic measures are needed. Lilly invites Annabel to see a palm reader who gives Annabel a lucky charm that is supposed to help her find true love.

A few weeks later, during her trip to Paris, Annabel meets a handsome Parisian, and as the two embark on a whirlwind romance, she starts to believe in the power of the talisman the palm reader has given her. But what Annabel doesn’t know is that Lilly is hiding a secret that could unravel her faith in her newly found luck in love.


Just then Madam Roux entered the room. She was panting as she carried a giant basket of lilies that was almost half her size. “Looks like one of you has a secret admirer,” Madam Roux announced, as she placed the basked on the table.

“Lilly, you lucky girl!” Annabel sighed wistfully.

“Let’s see!” Lilly jumped off her chair and reached for the card. As she looked at the name on the envelope, her eyebrows rose in surprise. “Wrong guess!” She smiled slyly at Annabel. “These are for you.”

“For me?” Annabel exclaimed in disbelief. “This can’t be – it’s got to be a mistake.”

“I guess we’ll find out soon enough.” Lilly put the card before Annabel and sat back in her chair. “So, who is it from? Don’t torment me!”

Her head spinning from the sweet aroma of the lilies that filled the room, Annabel opened the card envelope with trembling hands: no one had ever sent her flowers before. Her jaw dropped when she saw the inside of the card:

Dear Annabel, please forgive me for leaving so abruptly last night – I had a previous commitment to which I had to attend. I enjoyed meeting you immensely – is there any chance I might see you again? I will be at Musee d’Orsay today at noon – it would be delightful if you could join me there. E.

He did not have to spell out his complete name for her to know who he was: the obnoxious jerk who had snubbed her the night before sent her a giant bouquet of lilies this morning – now, what was she to make of that?

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Marie Astor is a die-hard romantic who wholeheartedly believes in true love, which is why she writes in the contemporary romance genre. Marie is the author of a contemporary romance novel, Lucky Charm, and a short story collection, A Chance Encounter and Other Stories. In addition to being a writer, Marie is an avid hiker, an excellent swimmer, a good skier, and a capable badminton player. Currently, Marie is working on her next novel - stay tuned for details!


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This giveaway is for a canvas tote bag with the Lucky Charm book cover on the front.

-This giveaway is open to US & CAN ONLY.
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