Monday, November 21, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness....

Hello all, busy week ahead with a guest author and the holiday.  So let's get right to the good stuff, or not so good stuff.  Here are today's fashion choices with.....

The Good....

Ashley Greene has reason to smile in this gorgeous red gown with its eye-catching overlay pattern.  The color is extremely appropriate for her vampire movie and makes her standout on the carpet.  I applaud the dress' simplicity and her sleek hairdo that give off a classy and sexy vibe.

Amy Adams also goes for simplicity in this cool grey cocktail dress.  I wish the shoes had a bit of color, but I can overlook that small issue when the final product looks this stylish.  I like the modern drape of the bodice and the overall perfect fit that blends nicely with her understated hair and makeup.  Amy sparkles from head to toe.

The Bad....

I normally love Gwen Stefani's style, but this outfit goes a bit too far for me.  I LOVE the shoes and style of the pantsuit, but it's the pattern of the fabric that makes this a downer for me.  The pattern is way too busy and overpowering.  Add in the huge necklace and Gwen ends up swimming in this ensemble.  It ends up being too much for such a tiny person.

Helena Bonham-Carter goes for her usual avant garde look in this overly-layered morbidly-colored ensemble.  The uneven hem looks as if it got caught in a weed whacker.  Add in the Granny boots and lace socks and we end up with an outfit that gives new meaning to kinky.

The Ugly....

Courtney Love also goes for the unrelenting black lace and ends up with yet another trashy, over the top ensemble.  Considering how much skin she normally shows though, I guess we should be grateful she's covered from head to toe.  Oh how I wish she'd return to her classy days of style and abandon this vagabond look.

Sarah Jessica Parker looks matronly in this ill-fitting saggy dress with its addition of a dated vest/smock.  The bodice looks dated and the overall look is one of Bride of Frankenstein.  Carrie Bradshaw would be appalled by this fashion faux pas and I long for the days when SJP was a trendsetter.

That's it for this week's fashion choices.  Please let me know in the comments below your feelings about the star's wardrobes...good or bad.  And we'll see you next week with more celebrity fashions.


  1. I must say I dislike a lot of the "fashion" you see celebs wearing when it is so OTT or just out there, I like things simple like number 2s dress but would prefer it in black


  2. I agree. Modern fashion is nothing compared to old time celebrities of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Simple and stylish speaks volumes.