Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review for Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles

I was lucky enough to win these very decorative and realistic looking battery-powered candles from a fellow blogger before the holidays and have been so impressed with how they work that I wanted to share them with all of you.  The candles are from the Enjoy Lighting company and are a vast improvement over the other battery-powered candles I've owned before.

The two aspects that I've been most impressed with are the glow they put off and that it has a timer that you can set for the candle to turn itself off.  The candle runs on 4-AA batteries and lasts for over 300 hours.  By setting the timer you'll make use of every one of those hours by not forgetting to turn it off at night.  With a timer that can be set for 4, 6, or 8 hours you can easily incorporate them into your daily life.

The glow these candles give off is so much more realistic than what used to be available.  That's due to the three LED bulbs inside that give off a shadowy flicker that gives the impression of a real candle.  Not only do the LED bulbs enhance the realism, but they also make these more economical and environmentally safe because the bulbs can last up to 100,00 hours.  A regular wax candle can't say the same, plus you have a possible fire hazard to worry about.  With these candles you get safety and realism all wrapped up in a decorative product.

The fact that the candles are made of real wax also enhances their realism as well as adding to your home's decor.  The candles are available in many different colors and, for the holidays, holiday-themed shapes.  They also come in three different heights to fit in every area of your home.  There's a lite scent to the candles as well that's quite pleasant and adds to the ambiance these give off.

I've thoroughly enjoyed using these candles and love the soothing affect the lighting gives off.  The scent is like autumn and it's relaxing not having to worry about causing a fire.  For those who have been disappointed with the unsatisfying look battery-powered candles used to have should definitely give these a chance.  They're more realistic and romantic than ever before and the perfect addition to your home or any other gathering.  For those who have never tried them before, the money you spend on these will definitely be worth it.  Once you try these, you'll never go back to using conventional candles again.

*For a closer look at how the candles work, the color choices available, and places to purchase them go to

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