Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review for Passions of a Wicked Earl (London's Greatest Lovers, #1) by Lorraine Heath

Morgan Lyons, the Earl of Westcliffe, has never felt worthy of love. His father died early in life and his mother doted more on his other brother Stephen than him. As the oldest of three sons he was promised to marry Claire, and thus gain a substantial dowry that would allow him to fix his ancestral home. Due to his position, he assumed she'd be excited about their wedding. That wasn't the case though and a childish decision on Claire's part forced him to leave her at his estate with their marriage unconsummated.

For three years he's lived as he chooses going from one woman to the next. The longest relationship he's had is with his latest mistress, Anne. Just as he decides it's time to divorce his wife and propose to Anne, Claire comes to London requesting his help in giving her sister Beth a Season. As they spend time together, Morgan starts to realize how young and naive Claire was on their wedding night and how different she is as a woman. Claire too finds out things about her husband that make her feelings for him even stronger. Will they both admit the truth about how they feel before outside forces tear them apart? Or will jealousy end their true marriage just as it's begun?

Morgan is a man who's been hurt a lot by other people. Even though he's the eldest, he's had to count on his youngest brother to keep his coffers from going bankrupt. His marriage was supposed to be a beginning to his independence, but betrayal by Stephen ruined his plans. Since he doesn't feel worthy of love, he doesn't think he's capable of giving it. All the women he's been with in the past have been for superficial reasons.

Seeing Claire bestow her smiles and feelings of gratitude on him and seeing him reciprocate brings a tear to your eye. There's one particular scene involving his only friend that made me weep and want to hug him at the same time. He's a man you start to like more as Claire finds out more about him. The way they slowly get to know one another now is the courting they should have experienced before their marriage.

Claire is very likable as well. She's matured greatly from that naive young girl who made a childish mistake. She's strong-willed and knows she's now ready to be Morgan's wife and will push aside any women in her way. She brings out the best in Morgan and helps him to heal. Seeing her with her sister, the reader can't help but compare how much Claire missed out on at that young age and how immature she was. It makes it easier to forgive her for her poor judgement long ago.

This story has many likable secondary characters who I look forward to seeing more of as the series progresses. They are characters with flaws and secrets that will be interesting to discover. Lorraine Heath has once again created a wonderful series where the men are damaged and through love are healed. The romance is slowly built and definitely worth the wait. The next book revolves around Stephen and is one I eagerly look forward to reading.

My rating for this is a B+

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