Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Golden Globes.....a fashion review

The 2011 Golden Globes are over and I'm left with happy memories of some lovely dresses and horrifying nightmares of some truly wretched ensembles.  Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly (which is the bad, but even worse).......

The Good..
I love the draping and simplistic glamour of Julia Stiles black gown. Tasteful and stylish.

The color of Catherine Zeta Jones' gown is bold, dramatic, and fits her beautifully.

A stand-out color on the Red Carpet.  Simplistic, tasteful, and fits Claire Danes like a glove.

Jon Hamm and his girlfriend are gorgeous together.  They're each other's perfect accessory.

Olivia Wilde's dress is bold, dream-like, and makes her look like she's floating on a cloud.  Hair and make-up add to the drama.

All pregnant women should look this great.  Natalie Portman's absolutely glowing and the dress drapes her figure gorgeously.

The Bad..
January Jones again goes too artsy.  The cut-outs are too much and make her chest look like it's going to explode.  The color blends in to the carpet a bit too much as well.

Anne Hathaway's dress gives off too much of an 80's vibe with those padded shoulders and the fabric looks reminiscent of an ice skater's costume.

I love Sandra Bullock, but this dress looks too frumpy on her.  It hangs on her listlessly and the drab color doesn't help the overall sad quality.

Could have been a winner for Scarlett Johansson if it weren't for the drab coloring that washes her out.  Why so scared of color?

The Ugly..
When looking for a consistently bad dresser to an award show look no further then Tilda Swinton.  She looks like David Bowie's sister who's raided his closet to play dress-up.

Helena Bonham Carter is known for her avant garde style, but just once I'd like to see her in something classy.  Here, she looks like a Christmas Tree ornament that got dressed in the dark and put on the wrong shoes.

Leighton Meister will definitely be gossiped about after being seen in this tablecloth dress that's drab in color and droopy in fit.

So there's my take on a few fashion choices from my favorite award show.  Please sound off below with your reactions to the ensembles that walked the Red Carpet.


  1. Hathaway's dress is made out of tiny CD's. that is were the disco-ish look comes from. :)

    FF <3

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  2. Hathaway's dress looks like it would be awesome to touch... you know, like chainmaille.

    Miranda ~ SVZ Reviews

  3. Thanks for the info Mad Scientist. That's a very cool idea for a dress, but I'm still having issues with those shoulder pads. Still looks like what they wore on Dynasty back in my youth.