Monday, January 31, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

The beginning of the week and last night's SAG Awards collide to bring an expanded fashion review.  Today's post will be filled with even more choices for what I deem good, bad, and ugly.  So without further ado......

The Good....

Mila Kunis has come a long way from playing animated Meg on Family Guy to arrive on the Red Carpet looking this wonderful.  The dress is light and airy with gorgeous coloring.  The free flowing hair also works beautifully with the cool and relaxed look this dress inspires.

Another actress who looks gorgeous in red is Juliana Margulies.  It's a simple design but fits her like a glove.  She looks chic and stylish and is tastefully accessorized to let the outfit speak for itself.

Another actress new to the Red Carpet is Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit.  I love the brightness of this dress that made her stand out while retaining her youthful appearance.  Cool and classy while not being overdone make this a great choice for this young lady.

The Bad....

I wanted to like this dress because of its romantic quality and how well Angie Harmon is wearing it, but in the end the feathery skirt caused my allergies to act up too much and I had to downgrade it.  It's just a bit too much over-the-top and too bottom heavy for me.

Jayma Mays is such a bubbly personality, but this dress is just droopy and too pale to match that fiery red hair.  The dress is trying to be Grecian-lite, but ends up looking like a reject from the background of Spartacus.

The Ugly....

Eva Longoria looked sooooo much better at the Golden Globes and what a difference two weeks makes.  This dress is so ill-fitting and one wrong move will lead to a wardrobe malfunction.  The draping is ill-proportioned and the zipper can be boldly seen when she turns around.  The hair is overdone and by the look on her face she too knows she looks bad.

Acting alongside James Franco in 127 Hours was probably the highlight of Kate Mara's life, since this dress definitely isn't something to be proud of.  The color completely washes her out and the bottom of the dress looks like the hair foils my colorist uses.  The hair and hair decoration are way too severe, as is the smudgy makeup.

January Jones again goes too cutting edge this week and ends up looking like the table runner at our Thanksgiving dinner.  The overdone hair doesn't help this doily nightmare either.  Oh how I wish she'd dress like she used to before she started hawking clothing for designers.

Not even the handsomeness of Keith Urban can save Nicole Kidman from this overdone frock.  The neckline has way too much going on and the chunky necklace makes it worse.  The backside is even more unappealing with its lace and bow ornamentation.

Julie Bowen brings back the 70's in this Brady Bunch pantsuit that seemed very out of place on the Red Carpet.  It was bland and a bit matronly and no amount of jewelry could help that.
Jenna Fisher again makes my ugly list with this matronly dress that makes her look extremely top heavy.  The color is boring and makes her look at least ten years older than she is.  She's in desperate need of a new stylist.

So there's my list from the 2011 SAG Awards.  My choices for the Ugly category were a larger number than the Good, but I have to say I was disappointed for the most part.  I actually had more choices that I wanted to put in the Ugly category but wanted to leave some for all of you to comment on.

So please sound off below!  Do you agree with my assessment?  What did you like, or not like?  It's time to play armchair fashionista, so get those fingers typing and lets get the comments rolling!

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  1. I think that Jayma Mayes and Kate Mara should have traded dresses in the bathroom!