Monday, January 24, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

I love fashion, even though my bank account can't buy me what I want.  But I can at least talk about it.  And since I had such fun last week discussing Golden Globe fashions I thought I'd make it a regular feature.  So I searched the internet for what the famous, and those who think they're famous, wore last week and bring to you.....

The Good.... 

At a Presidential dinner, the First Lady Michelle Obama, looks dramatic and regal in this red and black dress that drapes beautifully over her well-toned figure.  And look at those earrings!  They look like art!  Everything about this is perfect.

The Bad....

At a party celebrating her being on the cover of Lucky Magazine is Nicole Richie, wearing this purple velvet drape (err, dress?) that makes her look anything but lucky.  She's a rumpled mess in my opinion.  From the hair and make-up that leave her looking like a drowned rat to the dress that she literally threw on (are there staples or duct tape keeping it on her), I'm betting she'd like a do-over.

The Ugly....

Naya Rivera from Glee has nothing to be happy about in this odd blend of sci-fi and art deco.  Too many patterns leads to her looking like a craft project gone wrong.

So what's your opinion?  Sound off below with how you rate these outfits and join me again next Monday for more fabulous fashions or fashion faux pas.


  1. No arguments on the bad & the ugly... I would have liked to see another angle of the first lady's dress though, since in this pic, it looks sloppy the way the off the shoulder fabric leads into the draping.

  2. I tried to find one of just the First Lady, but the President was always in the picture too. Should I post one of the couple together, showing a longer view of her dress, instead? I can sure do that if you'd like. Just let me know.

    And thanks for commenting! This feature will be every Monday and I'm really hoping to have more visitors discussing celebrity fashion since it's a fun topic for me.