Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Follow Friday Time.......

It's that time again....the day of the week where we get to know each other better by answering a fun question.  Today's question is.........

What makes up your non-human family?

I'm the proud mommy of an almost two-year-old kitty cat named Miranda.  She's got a funny personality and makes me laugh a lot.  She runs things here at home and according to her my job is merely to pay the rent and make sure she's fed.
Isn't she the cutest thing ever?  I think so too.

So what about you?  Who really rules the roost at your house?


  1. The members of my non-human family? A feline and two fish tanks. Pictures and explanations on my blog –

    Thank God It’s Follow Friday!

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Howard Sherman

  2. Hi, stopping by from FF. I have no pets. I would probaly be so bad at caring for them anyway..haha.

    Mariya @ Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  3. Buzz and Lou rule the roost -- before them, Tiny and Chappy did. I don't care if you like them or not -- cats, dogs, bunnies and kids -- they rule the house.

    When I first got married, my hus was not a cat person. My first 'child,' Chaplin (aka Chap, Chappy, Chappy-do-monster, Monster, 'The Boy,') insisted my huz get to know him -- they were inseparable until the day Chap died at 17. The same w/Chap's 'sister' Tiny, who at 17 (a few years later) actually went to Kitty Heaven while cuddled in my husband's lap.

    Buzzer is HIS cat -- he picked her out. Had a dream about a gray and white tabby, with a white bib, white boots and white belly and we found her at the Humane Society. She was as big as my husband's hand! She's sleeping next to me right now. She's 15.

    And, there's LOUIE -- who was originally named "Merle." I have nothing against the name 'Merle' but it wasn't him! He's 5 and a cutie, although a bit of a doofus at times.

    OK...said more than I needed to, but you know 'pet' people, we're terribly loyal and LOVE our pets like others love kids!


  4. Your cat looks a lot like my Jack (obviously, also a cat). =) She is pretty stinkin' cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. =) I love your layout!

    --Ashley (Bookaholic Does Blogging)

  5. Thanks for posting the pic of Miranda! And thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower and I'm looking forward to what you review next !! Hope you have a great weekend.