Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness......

Wow, another weekend complete and the spooky month of October is underway.  Speaking of spooky, some of the clothing ensembles for today are truly frightening.  So with that thought in mind, I present......

The Good....

Julianne Hough is looking Footloose and fancy free in this perfectly tailored cocktail dress with the eye-catching pattern and uniquely embellished bodice.  The free flowing hair adds to the relaxed nature of the ensemble and in its entirety its pure perfection from head to toe.

Anna Faris goes with the tried and true little black dress but adds a bit of flirty fun with the ruffled hem of the bodice and extenuates her figure with the cute little belt.  Add in the strappy heels and the flirty with a hint of party vibe continues.  This funny woman shows she can bring out the drama when needed.

The Bad....

I know Pink is a new mother but that's no excuse for the baggy and somber ensemble.  She should be happy and instead looks like a prison guard at a funeral.  Here's hoping the colorful Pink we all know and love returns soon.

Kim Kardashian also goes for the somber look but adds in trashy with the transparent top.  She also is clearly channeling bad Sandy from Grease but with this rather inappropriate, unless you're on a street corner ensemble, I don't think we'll be breaking out in song anytime soon.

The Ugly....

Ashley Olsen looks like she just rolled out of bed following a heavy night of partying with the addition of bed head and dark sunglasses along with her bathrobe-inspired dress.  Instead, she's arriving at Fashion Week in this baggy, droopy, and grandma-looking outfit.  If this is what she considers fashion, than I hope it's her sister who does most of the designing for their clothing line.

Leelee Sobieski looks overdone in this bizarrely patterned cocktail dress.  I don't know of any woman who wants their lower half to look like a fish bowl.  There's way too much going on with this dress and it's numerous patterns and the dress is too choppy and is not form flattering at all.  Please take this dress back to PetSmart where it belongs.

That's it for this week.  Please sound off below with your impressions of this week's fashion show.


  1. Ill always love the olsen twins hehe <3 and Leelee's dress is so awkward I love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Alana,

    Yeah, those Olsen girls and their "style" leaves a lot to be desired. And Leelee's dress is just bizarre. The fish bowl pattern is truly wacky, but at least it's attention grabbing.

    Thanks for commenting.