Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness.....

I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying and I dread that Winter is fast approaching.  You'll soon find out how much I hate Winter as I moan about the snow falling--hate that fluffy stuff.  But on to happier thoughts.  It's Monday and that brings us celebrity fashion.  So here's......

The Good....

Dita Von Teese looks classically glam in this vintage midnight blue cocktail dress.  From the top of her head to the tips of her toes she represents a happier, better dressed, era.  She's a modern-day Mad Men gal and she looks smashing.

Milla Jovovich also goes glam with a retro hairdo in this sequined movie premiere gown.  The added bit of silver on the bodice breaks up the black to add a bit of pizazz while the slit adds a bit of sexiness.  For an actress known for her horror movie roles, she looks anything but scary.  She looks like an A+.

The Bad....

Vanessa Hudgens continues her string of wearing ill-fitting Daisy Duke shorts with baggy accessories.  There must have been a 2-for-1 sale since this has been her go-to look for the last few weeks.  I'm hoping this Summer look will soon be retired for a less sloppy Winter look.

It looks like there's a new superhero in town.....Super Secretary.  No, it's actually Evan Rachel Wood who's gone overboard in the leather department.  From the floppy leather hat to the leather bow and trench coat, Evan looks more cartoonish than classic.

The Ugly....

Susan Sarandon usually looks more dressy on the Red Carpet.  Here she looks more crafty in an outfit that definitely looks like it could've been made in a Home-Ec class.  Here's hoping that the craft glue holds since a wardrobe malfunction could be embarrassing.

Michelle Monaghan has taken the angelic look way too far in a dress reminiscent of a crazed fairy.  The ruffles are oddly placed and make me think of bibs or handkerchiefs.  The glittering embellishments call forth a skating spectacular without the ice and give an overall feel of a female Snow Miser.  Here's hoping for a quick thaw.

That brings us to the end of this week's fashion fun.  What do you think about these choices?  Please sound off below.


  1. You gotta admit, despite the horrible fashion Susan Sarandon looks fantastic for her age. Vanessa Hudgens????? Just no.

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  2. vanessa hudgens.. so cute its a shame she walks around like that hha

  3. Always great to see you ladies! And yes, Vanessa Hudgens is going through some sort of rut. She's worn this look for weeks now and it's getting old.

    As I said, normally Susan Sarandon looks good which is why this is so extremely disappointing. The outfit just ages her.

    Thanks again for the comments!

  4. I can't understand why a young woman like Vanessa would dress that way ...ick! She knows they the paparazzi like to follow her so just why? While I think Susan Sarandon looks great for her age..why that outfit? Seriously she could just have worn something she's worn before and looked better.

  5. Good to see you Maria D! With all the money that they have I'm continually shocked by how badly dressed these stars can be.

    And yes, Sarandon looks very young compared to her real age. But a really disappointing outfit.

    Thanks for visiting!