Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness...a bit early.......

Since I have a guest author with a giveaway visiting tomorrow I thought I'd talk fashion today.  Looking around the internet I think I found some interesting ensembles worthy of critiquing.  So get comfy and allow me to bring you....

The Good....

Dita Von Teese again makes the top of my list with her retro-glam look.  She goes for classic with the hair and combines it with a mermaid style gown.  The minimal accessories work to highlight the dress itself and the entire look is reminiscent of a pin-up girl from the 50's.  A+ for Dita again this week!

Amber Heard, recently of the cancelled The Playboy Club, is again showing off her curves in this fire engine red gown with an attention-grabbing slit.  The brightness of the dress works nicely with her porcelain skin tone and blond hair and along with minimal accessories keeps the focus on her and this perfect fitting dress.  This screams va-va-va-voom.

The Bad....

Patricia Arquette surely didn't need a Medium to tell her how outdated this look is.  The fit is baggy and makes her look years older than she is.  This definitely looks like the clothes worn in the movie Working Girl and screams 80's secretary.  It's time for a more modern look and definitely a better tailor to bring her into the modern age.

It's a battle of the sisters as Rosana Arquette also shows off her bad side in this frumpy, wrinkled, washed-out ensemble that is sad to look at.  The look is extremely dated with a poor fit that highlights areas that shouldn't be highlighted.  The dress is wrinkled from head to toe and could use a good ironing.  The unrelenting drabbiness related to the cream coloring of the dress does nothing to make her stand out in the crowd.  All the attention is definitely on the poor fit and oldies vibe radiating off this ensemble.  In this case I think she wins for being worse, which isn't really it.

The Ugly....

Katy Perry has taken her London look a bit too far and ends up looking comical.  The dress takes my love of Doctor Who to bizarre new heights and adding in the polka-dotted hat makes her look like a child as opposed to an adult.  As the Queen would say, "Off with her head" for wearing this disappointing ode to London.

Jessie J. has made the hooker look all her own in this completely over the top ensemble that even Pretty Woman wouldn't wear.  Between the bedazzled hot pants and mesh bodice even an ice skater would be embarrassed.  Add in the gold sneakers and Dynasty-looking fur coat and I'm again reminded of the 80's when I'm sure hookers back then wore something like this...Whoopi Goldberg did in Sister Act.  So here's hoping she also turns over a new leaf and we see a more demure, better dressed side to Jessie J. soon.

That's it for this week.  Please let me know your impressions of these fashion choices by sounding off below.  And join me again next Monday for our regularly scheduled fashion day and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


  1. I know Katy looks awful, but I kind of LOVE her top and want one! I will just have to avoid dying my hair washed out dirty pink and not wear that diseased looking hat, maybe it will work then lol!

    Suzanne @ Under the Covers

  2. My problem with the dress is it makes her look like a walking billboard. And like you said, she's wearing a hat that looks like it has chicken pox.

    Thanks for visiting Suzanne and for commenting! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.