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Book Tour for The Hunter by Theresa Meyers (Guest Blog & GIVEAWAY)

Author Theresa Meyers has created an intriguing new series that's based in the world of Steampunk.  Theresa's here today courtesy of Bewitching Book Tours to talk about her new book and give away a copy of it.  So join me in welcoming Theresa and read through to the end to find out how to enter to win a copy of this exciting novel.

Blending Steampunk and Paranormal Romance

There’s something inherently fascinating about bringing two distinctive things together to create something new. Take Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate, perfect in its own right and deserving of a food group all its own. Peanut butter, the staple of probably more than half of the school kid lunches in America on every given day. Both all on their own fantastic, but when put together, well, the angels sing.

That’s what blending steampunk and paranormal romance is for me as a writer, and it’s why I wove them both into THE HUNTER. I love both as their own thing, but when merged into one story, it’s simply irresistible. It also makes my steampunk world a little different bend than most. Yes, of course there are the wonders of science, the mad genius, the spirit of adventure, but there’s also a darkly mystical side to my world. My heroes in the Legend Chronicles, three brothers named after their father’s favorite guns, are supernatural hunters in the Wild Weird West.

Winchester, Remington and Colt have been trained to hunt down and destroy the Darkin that threaten humanity. So while regular people go about their daily lives, these guys don’t bat an eye-lash when it comes to fighting down demons, slay shape-shifters, battling hell-hounds or going up against ghosts. They just do it with some fantastical steampunk help, such as Colt’s clockwork horse, Tempus, Sting Shooters (that are steampunk, Tesla-coil-powered tasers) and the specially designed Darkin-killing bullets perfected by their inventor friend Marley Turlock. They know that while ordinary people might not see the ending of the world coming, they are the first, last and only defense in making sure humanity survives.

Part of what I love about steampunk is the essence that anything was possible if you were just curious, adventurous or determined enough to make it happen. It’s accepting that we can be more, do more, than we ever thought possible by reimagining the past as it could have happened. I love the clothing, the elegance and intricacy that was part of the Gilded Age. I’ve a bit of a Victoriana nut with a strong love of tea, and I’m a maker in my own right. I sew, design, paint, and can my own home-grown fruits, veggies, sauces and soups, when I’m not out tackling my herb garden. For me steampunk is like the peanut butter. It’s gritty, it’s brown, it’s got a specific flavor you won’t find anywhere else and you know it when you taste it.

With paranormal romance, I’m just as fascinated by the things we can’t see that still influence us. Most of my writing tends to take a paranormal path, likely because when I was little my mother did things like pretend we had elves in the tree stump in the back yard. They even talked under my window one night—which I later found out in my 20s was due to a tape-recorder. She made my brother and I believe in the magic all around us and I still have that rose-colored tint to how I look at the world today. But if there’s one thing about the paranormal I’ve learned, it’s that there’s balance. Dark must have light to survive and vice versa. And with paranormal romance, the ending is always sweetly satisfying. You know the good guys win and that love can conquer all. Paranormal romance is like chocolate. It’s dark, it’s varied, the subtle changes and flavors are nearly endless and when done right it can be an experience you can’t get enough of.

So when it comes to blending steampunk and paranormal romance, it’s not just about the fantastic inventions or goggles, nor is it about the balancing act between the dark and light forces of the paranormal world and the power of love. It’s a bit of both, blended together to create a flavor of fiction that’s something familiar but also completely different. That’s what I’ve tried to accomplish in my Legend Chronicles series, but you may have to taste it yourself to find out.

In the comments, tell me what your favorite elements of paranormal romance and steampunk are for a chance to win a copy of THE HUNTER, Book 1 in the Legend Chronicles.

by Theresa Meyers
Price is $6.99
Zebra paranormal romance with steampunk elements

They’re the Chosen—Winchester, Remington and Colt—brothers trained to hunt down supernatural beings using the latest steam-powered gadgetry. It’s a hard legacy to shoulder, and it’s about to get a lot more dangerous…

Colt Jackson has gotten his name on many a wanted poster with success in the family business: hunting supernaturals across the frontier. Lately, though, there’s a sulfur stink in the wind and the Darkin population is exploding. A rift in the worlds is appearing. To close it, Colt will have to do the unthinkable and work with a demon to pass arcane boundaries no human alone can cross.

Except when he summons his demon, he doesn’t get some horned monstrosity: he gets a curvy redheaded succubus named Lilly, who’s willing to make a bargain to become human again. He also gets Lilly’s secret expertise on the machinations on the dark side of the rift. And her charm and cleverness help to get them out of what his silver-loaded pistol and mechanical horse can’t. Of course, when all hell breaks loose, he might have to sacrifice his soul. But what’s adventure without a little risk?


The progeny of a slightly mad (NASA) scientist and a tea-drinking bibliophile who turned the family dining room into a library, Theresa Meyers learned early the value of a questioning mind, books and a good china teapot. A former journalist and public relations officer, she found far more enjoyment using her writing skills to pen paranormal novels in the turret office of her Victorian home. She’s spent nearly a quarter of a century with the boy who took her to the Prom, drinks tea with milk and sugar, is an adamant fan of the television show Supernatural, and has an indecent love of hats. You can find her dabbling online on twitter at or at Also at.....


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  1. OMG I'd love this book. I love the fictional gadgets and history steampunk creates- it is fun to think of the past with crazy machinery.

  2. I haven't read any steampunk novels, yet, but with paranormal romance, I love the devotion and kinship of the groups.

    I also like their "supernatural" abilities.

    I'm adding this to my must have list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  3. OMG, I would love to win this book, sounds amazing!!! I have yet to read a steampunk book but I love paranormal romance because I love all the possiblities that the paranormal world opens up. I get a hot romance and fantasy elements at the same time :)


  4. I love both these genres and when they get blended it's like coffee and donuts, great alone but so good together! I like paranormal romance for the challenges 'monsters' face in making relationships work and steampunk for the mannerisms, that historical feel. I am addicted to both for the pseudo-science they require.

    Been very much looking forward to this series!

    always.and.never AT gmail DOT com

  5. For the steampunk, I love how technology is reinvented. For the paranormal romance, I have always been a fan of how the paranormal being goes against the accepted norm by dating a normal person. Actually, they never turn out to be normal, they always have some secret ability that is discovered by said paranormal partner. lol

    Thanks for the giveaway

    thenarcissuslibrary at gmail dot com

  6. Great post! Love the analogy with PB and chocolate :-) I love the fantasy aspects of both genres - the only limits are the author's imagination in what creatures, gadgets, and plot occur in the story.

    smaccall AT

  7. I cant wait to read this. Thanks for the chance!!

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  8. I've just started reading steampunk and love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

    gfc follower- brendajean

    bchild5 at aol dot com

  9. I do not have a favorite element- I just started reading the genre- so I am open. Great giveaway, thanks.
    GFC- Christine A.
    your1chef at aol dot com