Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review for Journey in Time by Chris Karlsen

London attorney, Shakira Constantine finally agrees to spend the day with her handsome client, Alex Lancaster. While riding in the countryside, the couple finds themselves caught in a time warp and transported back to the 14th century- and an England preparing for war. Everyone believes Alex is the Baron Guy Guisard, a baron who died in the upcoming battle.

If they can't find a way to return to the 21st Century, Alex will have to sail with the army to certain death. Shakira will be left alone to survive in the alien and terrifying medieval world. 


This is an intriguing time-travel romance full of emotional angst and vividly depicted scenery.  I found myself drawn to many of the characters and rooted for their happiness every step of the way, particularly amongst the male characters.  Alex/Guy, whose story was touched on in the previous book, is one of the male characters that I'm particularly drawn to.  He's charming and protective of those he cares for and easily navigated between the past and present.  He always tried to do the honorable thing even when the course was not an easy one and I admit to a bit of a crush on him.  His fellow knights Simon and Stephen were also appealing with vivid and immensely likable qualities.  I would love to see more of these characters and with a word of warning given to Stephen late in the story I have high hopes of his storyline continuing.

While the males in this story are a highlight, I was a bit disappointed in the heroine.  Shakira is an outspoken woman in the world of law and a musician.  In the present those qualities are admirable and likable.  Once in the past though a more unpleasant side of her comes out.  She's only concerned with her well-being and angered that Alex adjusts so easily.  She wants modern things immediately and to be treated in a modern way regardless of how it appears.  During her time in the past I found her shrewish and overbearing.  I'm sure that the circumstances of being thrown into the unexpected caused her unappealing nature and ultimately, once back in the present, she became more likable and worthy of the hero.

In most time-travel stories the cause of it is left unexplained for the most part.  This story takes a different course and spends a bit of time debating the cause which felt out of place and was a bit too scientific.  Time spent on debate could've been used better elsewhere.  With it being a romance, I wish the mysteriousness of the situation had been left open-ended.

All-in-all I found this story intriguing and well worth the read.  Even though this is a sequel I never really felt lost but I think reading the previous book would've added to the enjoyment and fleshed-out some of the lesser characters.  Fans of time-travel will not be disappointed and will find this a worthy addition to the genre.

My rating for this is a B-/C+

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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