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Book Tour for Easy Risk by Bethany Lopez (REVIEW)

A man discovers you can in fact go home again, after leaving to find himself, in this charming friends-to-lovers romance that’s light on angst while overflowing with heart and soul.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Easy Risk by Bethany Lopez, along with getting my impressions of this story, then add it to your bookshelf!

They say you can’t go home again...
Tyler “Doobie” Dubois is excited about moving back home to New Orleans after being away for five years. He left with a broken heart, determined to make it through the police academy and become a great cop, while finding his place in the world. Now, he’s ready to come home and regain his place in the family. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to welcome him back with open arms.
Time heals all wounds...
Alicia loves her life. Ever since she moved to New Orleans from Michigan, she’s been accepted for who she is and is thriving in The Big Easy. She’s open to love, although not actively looking for it, so when her best friend and roommate asks her to steer clear of Doobie romantically, she readily agrees. After all, she’s never even met him.
A chemistry that can’t be denied...
What begins as a friendship quickly turns to something more and they’ll both discover that loving each other is an Easy Risk.


Tell me what you like, Alicia said, clearing her throat nervously.
Well, that was a loaded question.
I grinned at her and asked, In the bedroom, or in general?”
I couldnt help myself.
Alicias cheeks reddened and she looked around my master suite as if the empty room was fascinating.
Colors, she squeaked, before clearing her throat and saying more steadily, What kind of colors do you like, or not like. Do you have any hobbies I should know about? Collect anything? Do you like rustic, modern, or beach décor?”
I watched her walk around the room and ran my hand over the stubble on my chin.
I dont know. Im good with whatever you want.”
Alicias gaze sought mine and she asked, Really? So if I went with blue velvet in here, that would be all right with you?”
I chuckled.
Well, I do like blue, but maybe steer clear of velvet.




Not having read any of the previous books in the Boudreaux Universe THIS was my introduction to Tyler Dubois aka “Doobie”...and what an introduction it was!  After discovering his friend and girlfriend in a compromising position, the heartbroken Doobie decided to leave everything behind to start over somewhere else.  After five years though, years spent finding himself and becoming a cop, he’s ready to return home and make amends to the family members he hurt by his leaving without a word.  It’s a journey that’s not easy as his tight knit family was truly hurt by his actions and don’t make it easy for him.  He has to work at earning their forgiveness and the time he put into it warmed my heart.

The one bright spot during this time is his meeting Alicia, his sister’s friend, who’s been warned to keep him at arm’s length so that she doesn’t get hurt.  It’s a crackling first meeting between them, a meeting that leaves each wanting more, and from that very first moment their interactions become more complicated (yet comforting too).  As their friendship turns steamy they try to keep it secret as Alicia doesn’t want his family to be hurt yet again, but that’s easier said than done.  Alicia’s a strong support to him as he rebuilds his relationship with his family and her actions had me liking her all the more.  Doobie and Alicia’s journey is one full of push/pull moments, moments teeming with sensuality too, and I was completely caught up in the new life Doobie’s made for himself while cheering them on.

This was a quick read, a charming read focused on family that threw in a bit of mystery and suspense to keep me turning the pages in anticipation.  Doobie’s an immensely appealing hero who, after being wounded, has come to realize just how important family is and makes a concerted effort to earn the forgiveness of those he left behind.  He knows he was wrong and wore his heart on his sleeve in reconnecting with his family and each step had me falling for him all the more. Alicia’s equally likable and a good match to Doobie.  She has a kind heart but isn’t afraid to tell it like it is in interactions that were steamy and put a smile on my face.  Doobie’s family were an appealing bunch too and their hurt feelings were understandable.  Alicia being told to stay away from Doobie though felt a bit too much, but it’s clearly hurt feelings that issued that warning, and I didn’t hold it against his sisters for long.  On a whole this was a charming novella with a familiar feel that brought a bit of comfort amidst all the chaos currently in the world!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Bethany Lopez is a USA Today Bestselling author of more than thirty books and has been published since 2011. She's a lover of all things romance, which she incorporates into the books she writes, no matter the genre.
When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with family and traveling whenever possible.
Bethany can usually be found with a cup of coffee or glass of wine at hand, and will never turn down a cupcake!

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