Friday, June 26, 2020

Book Tour for Rock God in Exile by Kella Campbell (REVIEW)

Fans of rock star romances will find themselves drawn to this tale of a man trying to atone for his sins and his romantic tug of war with a woman who has difficulty letting her guard down.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Rock God in Exile by Kella Campbell along with getting my impressions of it, then add this second installment in the Smidge series to your bookshelf!

Is it overreacting to knock someone down for groping you? Nell Whelan is a black belt whose self-protective instincts kick in hard when she’s uncomfortable.
Then she arrives at her hated day job to find the handsome jerk from the pub kicking the photocopier, and finds out that he looks familiar because he’s the bass player from a famous rock band... but when she asks him what he’s doing working for her boss, he avoids answering.
Eamonn Yarrow — known to the rock world as “Easy” — hasn’t always been a good person and he’s reaping the consequences, but maybe Nell is just what he needs to turn his life around.




The first book in this series was a bit rough around the edges, particularly when it came to the heroine, but overall I found it a satisfying start to this rock star fueled series.  While this book is an improvement over the previous installment, courtesy of its delightfully imperfect hero, I still had problems with the heroine as her self-esteem issues overtook her life and kept her continually pushing the hero away.  Theirs is a rocky road to HEA, but it's a journey I was happy to have undertaken and that has me looking forward to the next installment.

From the outside Eamon "Easy" Yarrow looked like a rock star god, a self-obsessed playboy full of flirty one-liners.  Behind the facade though is a man full of vulnerabilities, a man with a soft side slowly revealed throughout the story.  When readers first see Easy in this story he's at a very low point, living far differently than he thought he would.  It's a life that sees his human side come through and he charmed me.  Meeting Nell was an unforgettable moment for him and the constant tug of war between them led him on a merry chase.  Throughout their journey together Easy clearly grew as a man, became someone more real rather than a caricature.  I wish though that we would've spent more time in his head as I would've liked to know more about him and his personal thoughts.

Nell Whelan was a tough nut to crack, tough to warm up to as she always seemed on guard.  She was a master in martial arts and didn't hesitate to let everyone know about her talent to keep others at arm's length.  She was a strong-willed woman, loyal and dedicated, but I wish she'd showed her softer side a bit more often.  The interactions between her and Easy were entertaining on a whole and together they made it a journey with a bit of sweet and a lot of spice.

By the turn of the final page I was once again won over by this story set in the rock star world.  The two leads were an entertaining dichotomy and their imperfections made me like them all the more in a romance that flowed at a nice pace.  While things started out a bit slow early on the story ultimately raced to a satisfying conclusion that has me greatly anticipating where Ms. Campbell will take us next.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.




Kella Campbell can usually be found in Vancouver, Canada.
She writes mostly romance, because love and relationships are what she finds most interesting about life and in fiction. Even when she dips into other genres, her writing almost always has romantic/emotional/relationship elements.
Kella likes tea and dark chocolate and happily-ever-after endings

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