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Interview & Giveaway for Respite by Wendy Burke

Before we get to the really fun stuff I want to thank Wendy for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her new release Respite.  She's being even more awesome by letting me give away a digital copy of Respite to my followers!  So enjoy our interview and follow the easy instructions at the end of this post to be eligible to get your hands on this truly enjoyable historical novella.

*****the Interview*****

TSP:  Did you always want to be a writer and what steps have you taken to achieve that goal?

WB:  I never really 'set out' of be a writer. I have, however, been telling stories most of my life. I was an 'A-ranked' storyteller in high school as part of our speech team. I wrote radio news for years and also told stories with my voice as part of a morning radio show. I write stories as part of my job in behind-the-scenes television. So actually 'writing' fiction wasn't foreign to me, but the possibility of ever getting published was for a long time.

TSP:  What genres do you enjoy writing in and why?

WB:  Romance for some reason comes naturally to me, even though it's not a genre I regularly read. I like a good story of any kind. Romance for the most part has all to do with emotion - if you can get into the characters' heads and express their emotion - whether want, confusion, love, abandonment - etc - you can pen a great storyline.Eventually, I would like to pen a really good political suspense thriller with strong romantic elements. Brad Thor and James Rollins are two of my favorite authors in the political thriller genre.

TSP:  The time period in your newest book is rather unique, what made you choose it?  And what kind of research did it involve?

WB:  I am very partial to WWII studies and that era - my parents were of that period. People just had so much to deal with - dealt with it and moved on. No one held their hands and felt sorry for them, they did what they had to do and made the best of their situations. I guess then, my growing up has been my research - I listened to stories my parents told and how they handled things. They kept their problems to themselves and put on a happy face to the world. Other research - well, I'm a history buff, so that was easy!

TSP:  What's next on your writing horizon that you can tell us?

WB:  I'm very happy to tell you about my next project. It is again with Decadent Publishing, this time with their '1 Night Stand' series of short stories. 'The One He Chose' turned out to be a much better story than even I anticipated. The submissions specialist at Decadent call me 'pond scum' because I made her cry reading the story. I'm VERY proud of that acceptance email! Anyway - 'The One He Chose' is a little story about moving on from past loves and realizing that someone can love you even if they're not physically near. Anymore - you need to read the book which should be out later this summer.

TSP:  Since my site is all about favorite things...what are your favorite things, the things you can't live without?

WB:  My husband, friends and family, for starters of course. My two furry feline children - Buzz and Lou. I can't do without a way to write - I can long-hand it if I have to, but my handwriting has gotten horrendous after so many years using a laptop or PC. Sourdough bread - can't be without that. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I love a good thunderstorm. Sirius XM radio in my car - for as many years as I was in radio - I can't listen to someone talk between songs! Flannel jammy pants and really good socks- a must. Other than that, I'm fairly low-maintenance!

Those were some wonderful answers and I can't thank you enough for spending time on my site today.  You're truly awesome Wendy and I look forward to your next release!  And now, on to the giveaway......

For a digital copy of......

Fiery and stubborn Madeline Raburn never thought life on her own could be so trying. The daughter of an influential New York businessman, Maddy has always had the best of the best…as long as she abided by her parents' wishes. When sent to Italy to meet their choice for a potential husband, she enforces a respite from her overbearing family. She thought running away might be the answer, but when she meets Ryan, her situation becomes a little more complicated….

Honorably discharged Sgt. Ryan Davison has traipsed through Europe for three years, compliments of the U.S. Army and the war against the Germans. Now tired and in desperate need of rest, he’s determined to forget the pain and deaths he’s encountered. Landing in a quiet harbor town in Morocco, with its sultry weather and tantalizing views, he believes he’s found a quiet respite from the haunting days of war, until Maddy stumbles into the bar…not looking for trouble or love, but finding both.

Life takes a drastic turn for Ryan and Maddy as their building attraction tempts them into the exotic world around them, but will they have to fight for their passion and love once their past catches up with them?

An Excerpt: 

Madeline was hot, thirsty and dirty. She wanted to sit under a moving fan in an unladylike manner, chug a few continental beers, and then wash her face…and in that order. Maybe she had entered the establishment a bit more noticeably than she would have liked; after all, she wanted to appear she actually belonged in this part of the world as opposed to running away from another. She centered herself, took a deep breath and tried not to get angry with the somewhat backward way of thinking that many of the men in this region exhibited.

“No ladies!” the bartender admonished, “No alone ladies.” He waved his hands across the bar, insistent that she not sit. Ignoring the barkeep, she stripped off her fedora, shaking out her thick, dark curls. “No alone ladies.”

Madeline tossed her hat on the bar, then carefully eased herself onto a stool. After stretching her neck for another good look out into the street, she relaxed a bit. Without thought of local mores, she dug into her shirt and pulled out a slightly damp ten franc note.  “Whatever you have that’s cold will be fine. I have my own money.” The owner glared at her. Maddy was sure he’d never seen a woman touch herself in public in such a manner. “I’m not looking for a date…I’m not a prostitute.” His eyes widened, but it didn’t faze her. “Listen, I’m hot, you have cold beer and I have money. Let’s do business.”

“Fahz, give her a beer,” a male voice called.

“You vouch, Mr. Ryan, you vouch?” The proprietor wanted to know.

“Give her two, Fahz, my tab.”

Madeline turned toward the comforting American accent. “Really, that’s not necessary.” She hadn’t travelled alone all this way the last two months, to suddenly need the assistance of a man. Especially since she was still trying to make sure she had ditched the two who thought she needed their accompaniment. She was a young independent woman and could take care of herself. Her autonomy came much to her parents’ dismay. They were the old-fashioned type, wanting her to find a nice young Italian man, settle down and happily crank out a plethora of progeny. That life was theirs, however, not hers. Maddy wanted adventure.
As much as she flaunted her unwillingness to need the assistance of the male gender, one glance into this American’s cobalt eyes had her thinking about bending her own rules. Maybe she could make an exception.


Entry is super simple and International (everyone can enter)!  You just have to be a follower of my site and make a comment about this post.  Please make sure to include your email in your comment to make it easier to contact the winner.  That's it!  The contest will end on Tuesday, July 5th at 11:59 pm at which time I'll use to determine a winner.  I'll then email the winner who will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.


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