Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review for Respite by Wendy Burke

It's the end of the war with VJ and VE day just concluded and all honorably discharged Sgt. Ryan Davison wants is peace and quiet to recover from his physical and mental injuries.  He doesn't count on his exotic vacation being invaded by heiress Madeline Raburn, who's running from the arranged marriage and controlled life her parents impose on her.  After eluding her burly babysitters/bodyguards Maddy is looking to experience life and is immediately drawn to Ryan.  Ryan too realizes that there's something special between them but just when their happily ever after seems within reach Maddy's guards catch up with them to damper their happiness.  Will the Fate that originally brought them together be strong enough to bring them together again or will they be forever lost to one another?

This is a well-written novella with likable characters that quickly draw you into the story with its exotic locale and colorful secondary characters.  The story may be short on word count but the story never feels lacking.  It feels complete, well-rounded, with many highlights.  The main highlight is Ryan who's super sexy and supportive.  He has many scars inside and out and deserves some happiness.  He helps Maddy explore life and opens her eyes to many things.  He's strong but never smothers her like her parents.  There's a strong connection between them involving real emotions that have nothing to do with her wealth.  Maddy is a likable character as well and seeing her explore life with Ryan by her side is a sweet sight to see.  She's a bit child-like at times due to her parents smothering and when it comes to sex she's a bit naive as well.  But with Ryan she becomes a woman, both in mind and body.  As the story progressed I definitely started liking and respecting her more and again that's due to Ryan.

The romantic locale of Morocco is almost a character of its own with the exotic and sensual feel of the city that the author conveys beautifully.  Morocco's an inspiration to Maddy to start living her life to the fullest, it encourages her hidden wild side.  Along with the pleasure of the locale is the humorous secondary characters.  The bartender and Irish bystander are colorful and add a very fun feel to the story.  Maddy's babysitters are also entertaining and reminded me a bit of Abbott and Costello.  Their purpose in Maddy's life might have been negative, but I still chuckled a bit over some of their actions.

This was an enjoyable story from start to finish that drew me in with its highly descriptive and exotic locale.  The love scenes were sexy yet romantic with a bit of wonder.  The characters were likable and you can't help but root for their happiness.  So if you're looking for a unique historical with the power of Fate highlighted than grab a copy of this wonderfully written story.

My rating for this is a B+

*This book was given to me by the author for my honest opinion.

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