Monday, June 20, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

Another weekend flew by at lightning speed which of course leads us to the start of another busy week.  And with the start of a new week is Monday's fashion show with the stars.  So get comfy and join me for this weeks....

The Good....

Eva Longoria looks cool in the summer heat in this minty-green lace cocktail dress.  She looks classy and stylish and not at all desperate in this perfectly tailored ensemble.

Blake Lively looks anything but the damsel in distress at the GL premiere in this flowing sheer lace gown.  Again, the perfect choice for summer.  Romantic looking with a sense of sass with the avant garde hairstyle and the sheer skirt.  People will definitely want to gossip about this, but in a good way.

The Bad....

The color of Heidi Klum's dress is certainly eye-catching but the style of it is lacking.....well, style.  It looks as if she wrapped a sheet around herself which has resulted in a very unfinished looking garment.  If this were Project Runway she'd be voted off the runway for this saggy, formless ensemble.

Courtney Love looks like quite the saucy wench in this Medieval tavern maid-inspired dress.  All she needs is a tankard of ale as an accessory to complete the look.  From the baggy fit to the too revealing front hem Courtney once again has forgotten that it's not Halloween.

The Ugly....

Eliza Doolittle is thinking Halloween too in this angelic dominatrix-inspired dress with the sleeves that don't fit and the far-too-short-skirt-to-be-seen-out-in-public to finish off this tacky wardrobe malfunction.  Making matters even worse is the stringy hair and shoes that go with nothing.  I wonder what Professor Henry Higgins would think of this?  A make-over by him would certainly be an improvement.

Tennis player Bethanie Mattek-Sands has gone goo-goo for Gaga in this ode to tennis-inspired dress.  As if the bustier made out of recycled tennis balls weren't enough of a conversation piece, Bethanie has topped things off with a dressy Mohawk.  Gaga would be so proud, but for me this is anything but aces.

That concludes this week's fashion round up.  Sound off below with your opinions about celebrity fashion and join me again next week for more.


  1. I'm loving Eva's dress. It's simple and elegant and completely gorgeous.

  2. I totally agree Lisa, it's a gorgeous dress! It's from the Victoria Beckham collection, which Eva's been wearing a lot of lately since they've become friends. I have to say Posh Spice wasn't the greatest of singers, but she's become an incredible fashion designer.