Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Tour & Giveaway for Shattered Glass by Elaine Bergstrom

I'm very excited to bring to you today author Elaine Bergstrom who is here to talk a bit about the re-release of one of her earlier works Shattered Glass and allowing me to give away a digital copy of the book as well.  So without further ado, here'ssssss Elaine.....

 Everything’s Connected….

A few years ago I got a letter from the husband of a fan of Shattered Glass. His wife had been reading it at the time he had proposed to her and she had loved the book and had lost it. Would I send him another signed copy so he could give it to her as a 10th anniversary gift?

What a lovely gesture! How sad that he sent it through my publisher and, as I have found is usually the case with publishers, I got the letter six months later and a few months after the happy event. I sent the book anyway, with a note explaining why it took so long to get it to him and good wishes on their anniversary.

That happened a mere 20 years ago (OK, mere at my age). Yes, there was limited e-mail and far less spam, but authors still connected with most of their far-flung fans via snail mail. And readers still connected with each other via book clubs, and chance meetings in coffee houses and bookstores. Today, thanks to blogs like this one and reader sites such as Goodreads, a book can become a best seller without a prominent display at Borders or Waldenbooks. And a novelist can connect directly with readers without the annoying time lapse of a publisher’s inbox.

It is a wonderful and daring time to be a writer, and when my publisher let my vampire series languish in the dark for over a decade, I took matters into my own hands and reissued the titles in the hope that a new group of readers will love Stephen and Helen and their children as much as others did two decades ago. Hopefully, readers will drop a line to me or visit my blog so that we can connect. And, if you get a chance, think about writers you may have loved years ago, those whose books may be in a box in your attic. Chances are, you can find their contact info on line. Take a minute – a minute is all it takes today – to tell them how much their work means to you. Writers, particularly novelists, are a neglected group. We love hearing from you.

I can be reached at or at my websites and Let’s connect.

Paperback: 386 pages
Publisher: Elaine Bergstrom (January 24, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982970609
ISBN-13: 978-0982970607

Book Description:

Helen Wells, 19, is a gifted painter, struggling to create a legacy before the illness that left her crippled claims her life. Stephen Austra is a brilliant glass artist, and an immortal. When they meet, their passion is immediate and intense. But as their love grows, Dick Wells, Helen's uncle and a homicide expert on the local police department, begins investigating a series of savage murders committed, he is forced to believe, by something not human. Soon all three will be drawn into a struggle with a dark presence from Stephen's past, one that lays claim to the life of the woman he loves and one that, for all his power, he is helpless to control. This novel, first published in 1989 to critical acclaim is being reissued in a special updated -- and uncut -- version, and includes 12,000 words not found in the original edition. It is the first of 6 books in the Austra series.

To see more books in the Austra series visit:

Thanks so much to Elaine for such a sweet and entertaining post!  Thanks too to Roxanne Rhoads and her Bewitching Book Tours for letting me be a part of this tour.  Before Elaine leaves, she's left me with a digital copy of this book to give away to my wonderful followers.


Entry is super simple and International (everyone can enter)!  You just have to be a follower of my site and make a comment about this post.  Please make sure to include your email in your comment to make it easier to contact the winner.  That's it!  The contest will end on Saturday, June 18th at 11:59 pm at which time I'll use to determine a winner.  I'll then email the winner who will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. 

Whew, there's all the deets!  Now go forth and comment!


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  3. Wow, I had not heard of the book until this post - sounds amazing! I really enjoyed reading the author's comments too. Adding this one to my TBR pile ASAP!