Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness...

Wow, the weekend really flew!  I did manage to see the new X-Men movie and enjoyed it.  My review will be up in the next day or two so I can fully convey my love of Michael Fassbender, who I first started drooling over when he starred in the BBC show Hex.  So be on the lookout for it.  And now to one of my favorite post of the week.  So get comfy and join me in our weekly fashion critique.

The Good....

Salma Hayek looks casual and dressy at the same time in this form-fitting sparkly dress.  The few accessories enhance the dress' shimmer and the shrug adds to the youthfulness.  Absolute perfection.

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is a woman after my own heart with her stylishly casual scarf.  She's got the perfect combination of style and comfort and I would very much love to have this for my very own.

The Bad....

At least Lil' Kim has her chest fully covered this time around, as opposed to her famous purple pasties.  That's the only thing going right in this futuristic/70's-inspired dress.  The boots are reminiscent of Barbarella while the dress looks like a cast-off from the movie Logan's Run.  Throw in a little Latoya Jackson headband action and this fashion disaster gets even worse.

Kelly Rowland looks ready to hang out at the mall...back when Tiffany played shows this outfit that's too juvenile with its sweater crop top and 80's-looking skirt.  The only good thing are the stilettos, which make this bad fashion outfit even more pronounced.

The Ugly....

Keri Hilson looks like a castaway from Gilligan's Island with her nautical hat stolen from the Skipper.  Add in pants reminiscent of MC Hammer with its padded hips and this outfit just keeps getting more confusing.  The shoes look like something you'd wear fly fishing, which might be why she's wearing the hat.  Either way, if this is her ode to summer, then I'm longing for winter.

Eliza Doolittle, who has a great name and poor fashion sense, seems to have forgotten a vital piece of clothing.  Can you figure out the glaring omission?  That's right.....pants!  I'm not sure she's channeling Jennifer Beals from Flashdance, but it sure looks like it.  Especially with the ill-fitting t-shirt that screams 1980.  She's a maniac, maniac....

There you have it!  This week's fashion hits and misses.  Let me know what you think by sounding off below and join me later this week when author Elaine Bergstrom will be here discussing the re-release of her book Shattered Glass which will include a GIVEAWAY.


  1. Wow! The Ugly is truely ugly! Who let them walk out of the house looking like that???

  2. Hi,

    I am a new follower.

    I saw XMen. They rearranged the canon somewhat but otherwise it was great!

    I love Salma, Kelly R. has seen better outfits, like you said at least Kim has clothes on, and the uglys speak for themselves.

  3. Thank you ladies for both of your comments! Every time I put this post together I'm amazed at how bad these famous people look sometimes.

    And Simone, my review for X-Men will be up on Wednesday. I really enjoyed it.