Thursday, June 2, 2011

Follow Friday....

Another week is coming to a close and I can't believe how fast the days go.  I wanted to see a movie last weekend, but got sick instead.  So here's hoping I'll get to X-Men:First Class this weekend.  I've heard super good things about it.

This is the day of the week where we get to know each other better by answering a question devised by our lovely hostess Parajunkee.  We also gain new followers, so please let me know if you're a new follower since I automatically follow back.  And now for this week's question....

Q. What are you doing to prepare for an upcoming zombie apocalypse and/or the return of Mel Gibson to the silver screen? (Both of which could be terrifying.) 

A. I'd definitely head home to my folks who live in the country.  Less people out there equals less zombies.  We already have tons of shotguns and canned/frozen foods due to my mom's Little House on the Prairie tendencies so we'll be safe and never go hungry.  I too would follow the CDC zombie guidelines since they're specialists.


  1. Ooh good idea going to the country! I will have to remember that. ;)

    New follower. =)

  2. Hopping through. The country sounds like a good idea with zombie cities.
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  3. I'm urban born and bred, so I may have to stow away with someone headed out to the countryside. :)

  4. Well that is an interesting response. But definitely get a gun. New follower as well. Thanks for stopping by. Like the blog.

  5. Good idea. Always be prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Lucky you since I don't have a gun and I doubt zombies will feel threatened by my stash of cupcakes =(

    -Mocha from A Cupcake and A Latte: YA Reads, Reviews & More!.

  6. Hi & Happy Friday!

    A great answer ;) my FF is here,

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  7. Great answer! Why didn't I think of also moving to the country? Stopping by from FF and I'm a new follower! Have a great weekend. :D

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  8. Hoppin' through! :)

    Ooh, the country. I've never thought about that. I don't know how to shoot a real gun, but I do know how to shoot a plastic one! Which doesn't help at all.

    Hopping by again soon ;)

  9. Going to the country sounds good.
    *jots it down on the list*

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  10. Great answer!--Unless you're just *saying* that you're going to the country, so that everybody else will go to the country and the zombies will follow!--pretty tricky! but I'm on to you! ;)


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  13. howard@malinche.netThe Follow Friday post is (and, as always, please be sure to include the signature below):

    As the saying goes – the best defense is a good offense. I’ve got that covered! My preparations for the zombie apocalypse are not just intricate, they’re stylish. I’m not talking “last stand” stuff here. I mean to lure in the zombies and slaughter them wholesale while we sip champagne and watch.

    How am I going to do that? Follow me back to my blog at and read all about it.

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    Howard Sherman, Implementor

  14. I live in Texas so I feel pretty safe from Zombies. Most people in Texas know how to protect themselves. Even from Zombies.

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  15. There actually ARE CDC guidelines - our taxes at work!
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  16. Thanks everybody for your great answers! And if you need a place to hide from the Zombies feel free to come to my parents' farm.

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  18. Asking me to Pick my favorite genre is like asking me to pick my favorite food; There's no way I can come up with just one answer!

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