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Book Tour for Dark Passages by Sara Reinke (Interview & Giveaway)

Before we get to Sara's wonderful interview, I want to say thank you to Sara for taking the time to answer my questions and for creating an immensely entertaining series.  Thanks too to Roxanne Rhoads and her Bewitching Book Tours for letting me be a part of the excitement.  I now present my Q & A with Sara Reinke with a GIVEAWAY at the end of the post.....

TSP:  Was being a writer always in the cards for you and what's led you to where you are today?

SR:  I’ve been a storyteller since I was very young. I can remember writing stories in spiral-bound notebooks in elementary school. I have always had a vivid imagination, and was lucky enough to have parents who both fostered my interests in all things creative—and am equally lucky today to have a husband who is likewise supportive. I definitely believe that the lifelong encouragement I’ve had as impacted my writing career, because it keeps me motivated, even when I’m lacking confidence in myself. Knowing you have friends and family in your corner, who believe in you, can make all of the difference in the world.
TSP:  What genres do you write in and do you have a favorite?  If you have a favorite, why is that?

SR:  I’ve written lots of different genres in the past—historical romance, sci-fi, fantasy—but for the most part now write paranormal romance and urban fantasy with strong romantic elements. I think it’s because I like the creative possibilities that are in these kinds of books. They combine the real world with the fantastic and impossible.

TSP:  What sets The Brethren apart from your typical vampires and where do you see the series heading?

SR:  I love the idea of vampires—dark, sensuous, blood-thirsty, predatory, with superhuman mental and physical capabilities. But the standard mythology behind them—they can’t be exposed to sunlight, see their reflection in a mirror, touch or be touched by holy water or other sanctified objects—doesn’t make much logical sense to me. In order to make the Brethren work logically enough to write about them, I had to come up with my own mythos; in essence, I had to reinvent the vampire.

The Brethren aren’t immortal, but long-lived, with life spans that can be three or four times longer than a human. Because of this, they’ve been able to amass a tremendous fortune. They live segregated from the human world, interacting only as much as necessary to insure their survival. They can walk in sunlight, touch crucifixes, see themselves in a mirror. To them, garlic is a spice, same as any other. And a human who is bitten by a Brethren is food—and will not become a vampire in the aftermath.

For all of their wealth and powers, are basically as flawed as the rest of us; as motivated by guilt, greed, lust, love—you name it. Though they strive to live apart from humans whenever possible, they’re more like us than they’re willing to admit or accept. And therein lies the story.

TSP:  Do you have any other new books/story ideas coming soon not related to The Brethren that you can share with us?

SR:  I’m excited about the launch of a brand new paranormal romance series this July. Forsaken will be the first in The Netherworlde Series. Just as I reinvented vampires with the Brethren, Forsaken is my own imaginative reinterpretation of angels and demons.

In Forsaken, Jason Sullivan has everything he could have wanted in life -- his own business, the perfect girlfriend and the perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him. Then, in one violent, unexpected moment, he loses it all. Murdered in cold blood, wrongly condemned and enslaved to a sadistic demon, Jason must fight to reclaim not only the life and love he'd once known, but also his soul.

You can check out the link to my mini-site for The Netherworlde Series, enjoy an excerpt from the book as well as the promotional video at my website:

I also have a short story, “In His Hands,” coming out in October as both a stand alone ebook release and as part of the upcoming print anthology, The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance.

TSP:  Since my site is all about your favorite things...What are some of your favorite things, things you can't live without?

SR:  My family, Diet Mountain Dew, My iPhone, Watching a movie in the theater (better yet – having the theater all to myself), A long nap on a rainy Saturday afternoon (better yet – with some thunder grumbling).

Thanks Sara for the great answers and for providing me with a digital copy of Dark Passages to give away to my readers!  This is a great addition to an intriguing series and whoever wins a copy will be extremely satisfied.  And now for the giveaway info......

Back blurb for Dark Passages: Tristan & Karen:

Tristan Morin is a vampire on a mission: to not fall in love with Karen Pierce. To do so would prove that humans and Brethren were meant to be physically and emotionally bound to each other -- something he, as a full-blooded Brethren, refuses to believe. It would be so much easier if Karen wasn't beautiful. And if there wasn't something about her that draws him like a moth to a flame, damn near impossible to resist.
Karen has always felt an inexplicable attraction to Tristan. More than just the fact he's strikingly handsome, it's as if being with him is something natural, comfortable and right. But soon a brash choice on his part leaves her heartbroken and confused, and a sadistic new enemy will put their newfound love -- and their lives -- to the ultimate test
Learn all about the Brethren series here:


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