Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mid-Season Doctor Who Finale

It's been a very good season thus far with some VERY unexpected twists.  The final few minutes from last week's episode 6 were especially gasp-worthy.  Tonight is the mid-season finale with more DW returning in the fall.  To get you excited about tonight's big show here's a clip....

Doesn't it look good?!  Oh so exciting seeing so many of the Doctor's friends and enemies.  I'm truly bummed though that the season was broken in half since there's such great momentum going through the episodes.  An intriguingly titled Let's Kill Hitler will be the start of the second-half of the current season which again, will be sometime late this fall.  The wait will be killing me I assure you!


  1. This has been a great season! Ups and downs and craziness... and Neil Gaiman, of course.

    Then I saw that it was braking until the Fall. Sad panda. Oh well, I guess.

    Just 1 Writer

  2. Thanks for commenting Ken! I'm a die-hard Whovian and have loved what Stephen Moffat has done thus far. Truthfully, twelve episodes are not near enough.