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Book Blast for Diary of a Bad Boy by Meghan Quinn (REVIEW)

It’s a combustible connection that flares to life between a sexy Irishman and a young woman trying to come out of her shell in a tale of opposites attracting in a romance of enemies to lovers.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Diary of a Bad Boy by Meghan Quinn, along with my impressions of it, then add this sexy and flirty read to your bookshelf!

Dear Diary,
I might have gotten myself into a wee bit of trouble—and I'm not talking about the "court mandated community service," or “therapy sessions from bashing a bloke in the head" kind of trouble.
I wish it were that simple.
Nope. I’m talking about the "falling in love with one of my client's daughters,” kind of trouble...
The kind of problem I can’t talk my way out of when the truth gets out.
How I ended up with her phone is a long story—and when she called to get it back, I took things a bit too far. One innocent exchange wound up leading to so much more.
Fun, new, and totally immune to my charm, Sutton is different. And I had no idea she was the daughter of Foster Green.
Blame it on the dark colored stout running through my veins, pushing me toward one bad decision after another. Pushing me toward her even though I know right from wrong; even though she's my client's daughter.
Dating her might be the best or worst decision I've ever made. Only time, whiskey, and one more roll around the mattress with her will tell.




Readers who enjoy witty banter and a combustible couple will find themselves utterly captivated by this sexy and snarky rom-com.  With its unapologetic bad boy hero, and a likable good girl, fireworks will fly in an exhilarating enemies-to-lovers romance that Ms. Quinn has crafted so well.  From the first page to the last readers will be charmed, given a blush or two along the way, as well as getting a few laugh out loud exchanges that made this a decadently delightful read.

Roark McCool’s a bad boy, a player and a womanizer, with a quick temper that’s left him indebted to a man who complicates his intense attraction to a young woman who’s very different than him.  When readers first meet Roark it’s clear he’s struggling, dealing with a childhood of abandonment that has him reluctant to get too close to another woman for fear she’ll walk away like his mother once did.  It’s that discovery that endeared him to me and had me wanting to hug him to make everything better.  Readers get further insight into him and his inner thoughts through diary entries that made me chuckle but also showed a slightly softer side to him.  While I often felt that Roark was putting on a facade, it was the quieter times with good girl Sutton and those diary entries that showed an intriguing dichotomy to Roark that made him all the more likable.  That’s not to say that he completely divested of his snarky side...oh no, he remained unapologetic of his tendency to push Sutton’s buttons which led to many blushes along the way that made this story even more crackling.  Add in a sexy Irish accent and I find myself still drooling over him!

Sutton Green’s the proverbial good girl, the one who studied hard, and did everything her parents expected of her.  She’s worked hard to get where she is, to a job within her father’s company that she longs to prove she’s worthy of.  She has no time for distractions but that’s exactly what she gets when she and a sexy Irishman end up with each other’s phones.  From that moment on he becomes a temptation, a talented dirty talker and texter, she has more and more trouble ignoring as their fun and flirty texts culminate in her father putting both of them in charge of a project close to his heart.  Close quarters lead to encounters teeming with sexual tension as Roark challenges her at every turn.  He constantly pushes her buttons, challenges her to step outside her safe box, in a forbidden romance that captivated me wholeheartedly.  Sutton’s an immensely appealing heroine, a good girl trying to be a bit bad in fulfilling her New Year’s resolutions.  She might’ve seemed naive and easily malleable, but when it came to her interactions with Roark she gave as good as she got the longer the story went on.  The differences between her and Roark though made for scorching encounters and witty banter that made me smile.  Together they were an entertaining couple, making each other better for all their differences in a relationship that had a bump or two along the way.

On a whole this was a well crafted rom-com, one that beautifully balanced humor with sweet and sexy moments.  Roark and Sutton challenged each other at every turn, turning up the heat the closer they got to each other.  They were a delightful pair, made even more entertaining through their interactions with their friends.  Roark and his friends Rath and Bram were larger than life.  They were a playful trio yet they often showed their concern about Roark’s self-destructive nature.  I enjoyed getting an update on Bram, who found his own HEA in Ms. Quinn’s previous book, and am longing to see the stoic Rath find something other than work to satisfy him.  Sutton’s friend Maddie was equally delightful as she too pushed Sutton outside her comfort zone in a friendship that was easy to relate to.  She was a supportive friend who was there whenever Sutton needed support the most and I find myself hoping that she too gets a HEA of her own.  On a whole there was much to enjoy in the sensual dance Roark and Sutton undertook, but her father’s discovery of their pairing late in the story dimmed my enjoyment a bit and left me momentarily disappointed in all the strength Sutton gained, and lost by not defending their pairing, by Roark’s side.  Despite that I still enjoyed their journey and highly recommend this book to other readers looking for an unforgettable hero who’s a bit rough around the edges but still completely lovable!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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