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Book Release Blitz for Downfall by Jay Crownover (REVIEW)

In a tale of opposites attracting readers will have their heartstrings pulled in every direction as a woman hurt by her past, made to feel worthless, finds a savior in the tatted-up man next door looking to make something of himself.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Downfall by Jay Crownover, along with my impressions of the unforgettable read, then add this book set in the world of The Point to your bookshelf too!

Solomon Sanders doesn’t have time to fall in love. Until a stunning, skittish, single mother forces him to pause and recognize just how empty and hollow his busy life has become.
From the start, it’s been ingrained in Solo’s DNA to fight.
Fight for what he believes is right.
Fight for the people he loves.
Fight for the traces of good in a place which tends to be filled with a variety of bad.
Fight for survival, so at some point, his life will quiet down and find a normal pace.
He wasn’t ready for the impact his secretive, shy, obviously out of place new neighbor was going to have on him. And never in a million years was he prepared to fall head over heels for her and her young daughter.
Now, he’s facing the most important, and the hardest fight he’s ever fought… the battle to win Orley’s damaged heart.
Orley Vincent’s heart is full of fear, leaving no space for love. Until a big, brash, brawler of a man forces his way in and makes her realize facing her fears is the only way she can ever be free.
From the start, Orley was groomed to believe she wasn’t good enough.
She wasn’t the perfect daughter. Or student. Or girlfriend.
But, she has always been the best mother she could be to her daughter, Noble.
Keeping Noble safe has always been the one thing she was determined to do, which ironically, is how she ended up on the wrong side of the tracks, living next door to an unlikely hero. Orley’s a woman on the run. She had no idea her frantic sprint was going to land her in the tattooed arms of a man ready to teach her how to fight for herself… and for love.


“What did I tell you about lurking around my place, Skinner? I don’t fucking like it.” The guy’s voice was a low growl. Intimidating without even trying. “I don’t fucking like you.”
Out of habit, I reached back and covered Noble’s ears with my hands. She wasn’t new to foul language, but I didn’t need her repeating this stranger’s garbage words, which she absolutely would at the most inopportune moment.
My eyes widened as he shook the lurker hard enough to snap his head back and forth comically. The smaller man whimpered and clutched at the hands locked on the front of his dirty coat.
“Let me go, Solo. I was just having some fun. She’s a prissy bitch. You’ve seen her walking around here like her shit don’t stink.” The pleading was wasted. The larger man was clearly unmoved.
The new arrival’s massive arms tensed and flexed as he practically threw the other man on the ground. I noticed he was dressed in nothing more than a dark t-shirt even though it was chilly outside. The short sleeves showed off more than his impressive build. In the faded street lights, I could hardly make out the designs that were inked over almost every visible inch of skin. That wasn’t an uncommon look in this neighborhood. Gang tattoos, prison tattoos, and general outsiders who called these streets home tended to rock some serious ink, but this guy’s looked more deliberate and artistic than a simple statement piece.
As soon as my attacker was back on the ground, the bigger guy stepped forward. I reflexively cringed as he lowered his big, booted foot down on the other man’s unprotected private parts. A wail of agony shrieked through the air, and I realized belatedly I should be hauling ass for my apartment, not standing around waiting to see how this brutal display of street justice played out.
I clutched Noble’s hand in mine and briskly jogged the last few yards to my apartment building. I lifted Noble over the sleeping homeless man and hustled up the five flights of stairs to our floor. The elevator had been broken since before we’d moved in, not that I would dare let either of us get trapped in a small place with anyone from this complex.
I was a panting, quaking mess when I finally slammed the door. I dropped to my knees and pulled my daughter into my arms, covering her tear-streaked face in kisses and whispering soothing words over and over again.
There was no way this could be our new normal.
But it was.
Noble deserved so much better than this.
I sighed, pushing her hair off her precious face. “You know what, sweets?” She blinked big, watery blue eyes at me and shook her head. “I think we both need cake.”
She nodded and cuddled close to me.
It wouldn’t occur to me until much later that I hadn’t bothered to shout a thank you or shown any appreciation at all to my savior. I had no clue if he was any better than the scumbag who had grabbed me, but he had at least kept my daughter safe, so I owed him, even if he was one of countless things in this forever dark place that scared the life out of me.
People didn’t help other people in this neighborhood… but he had stopped and helped me, whether his intentions were altruistic or not.
And I owed him… well… at the very least, more than a piece of cake.



As a fan of Ms. Crownover’s gritty and emotionally intense storytelling style, each new release of hers is reason to celebrate.  This new release, set in the world of The Point series, once again pulled at my heartstrings by introducing me to two people who couldn’t be any more different but are oh so right together.  With pasts that have left indelible marks they’re both just trying to do the best they can for those they love, getting through one day at a time and rolling with the punches that life constantly threw at them.  As a couple they were a formidable pairing teeming with sensuality while warming my heart for how supportive they were to each other in a romance full of heart and soul.

Orley Vincent’s clearly out of her element the moment readers meet her, a classy and secretive young woman who’s doing all she can to keep her daughter happy and safe.  Money’s tight which means living in an apartment in a sketchy part of town.  Orley sees danger everywhere, and unfortunately has a scary run-in or two early on, but gets to see the protective side of this area when her sexy and sweet muscle-bound neighbor comes to her rescue to show her how wrong her preconceived notions are.  She soon discovers a group of people who end up being more like family who finally give her a reason to trust.  After a childhood of feeling invisible and doing all she could for attention, the birth of her daughter became a defining moment that led to betrayal and showed her that you can only count on yourself.  Coming from a world of wealth had her thinking that that was the good side of life, but her colorful and eclectic neighbors soon prove themselves to her wholeheartedly by helping her when she needed help most.  Solo’s also just what she needed as the men in her life have thus far been nothing but a disappointment.  Solo becomes someone she can lean on and ask for help without feeling obligated.  Together they were combustible, a heartwarming pairing of support, that had me rooting for them every step of the way.  Orley’s a relatable heroine who’s a fish out of water but just trying to survive.  She has a kind heart and though she’s a bit timid early on she becomes more empowered as the story progresses.  She feels overwhelmed and intimidated by Solo at first but the more he proves himself to her the more she wants to really start letting loose...with him.  On a whole their journey to HEA was a delightful one, made even more powerful when her past comes knocking to try to ruin the familial bond forming between them and her daughter which brings out Solo’s protective side one more time.

Solomon Sanders is a big brute of a man, strong yet sexy, a hard worker and loving son who spares little time for himself.  He’s taking mechanic classes, fixing classic cars, and fighting in the underground fight scene which leaves him exhausted at the end of the day.  He’s a caring man, a loving son who works himself to the bone to care for his disabled mother.  He may be a bit rough around the edges but it’s clear he can’t help but assist others as he’s seen as the neighborhood’s guardian.  As a younger man he once thought of leaving this gritty town behind, but he’s made a life for himself and made connections in this diamond in the rough town.  He’s beloved by all for his helping with no expectation of being paid back and I too saw him as the quintessential book boyfriend because of it.  Solo grew up with only his mother to count on so it’s understandable that he’s particularly drawn to single mother Orley early on. He knows he should stay away from her but she gives him a reason to make himself happy for a change.  For far too long he’s been devoted to making others happy and it’s time he thought of what he wants for a change.  He and Orley were a crackling couple with their mutual longing clearly on display.  The moment he claimed her as his own was the moment he knew he’d die to protect her as she came to mean everything to him and I lovec him all the more for all the words and deeds done in her name.

On a whole, this was a decadently delightful story of neighbors-becoming lovers as these two opposites became utterly attracted to each other the moment they laid eyes on each other.  They’ve both been battered by their pasts but it’s only made them stronger and more worthy of their hard-fought HEA.  Seeing Orley and Solo together made me smile, they both brought a bit of lightness to the other in a heartwarming and sensual romance.  Alongside this endearing main couple was a cast of secondary characters readers have seen before while reading Ms. Crownover’s previous gritty series and it felt like seeing family again.  They’re a supportive group to this newly-formed couple and their unique talents (that are on the edge of legal) will be especially needed when Solo once again sets out to rescue Orley and her daughter.  Noble, Orley’s daughter, was also a breath of fresh air and I loved the softer side she brought out in Solo.  His father wasn’t there when he was a child but being around Noble brought out an endearing fatherly-side to him that made my uterus hurt.  Readers will find themselves quickly captivated by this engaging balance of suspense and romance with a couple that you’ll be rooting for from start to finish.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Jay Crownover is the international and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, The Saints of Denver Series, the Point Series, the Breaking Point Series, and the Getaway Series. Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road.

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