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Book Tour for Unfinished by Julieann Dove (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Readers will find themselves charmed by this sweet and sensual romance of friends becoming something more while learning even more about this contemporary read by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Unfinished by Julieann Dove, along with my impressions of it, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this emotionally intense romance of starting over while finding yourself make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $20 Amazon GC too!

Brian and Marcie were supposed to live happily ever after–they repeated vows that stated that very sentence. So no one, especially Brian, could have predicted that Marcie would file for divorce. It was difficult to fight the situation, finding that all his possessions were packed and waiting by the door when he came home from work that Thursday evening.
Kate Moore sat in a stupor for a month. Unlike any other breakup she had experienced, this felt more like a drive by shooting, with her ex holding the smoking gun as he sped away. What happened, she asked herself, knee-deep in peanut butter cups and bags of cheese doodles. Oliver was the man she was going to marry…she’d already pinned a secret board of wedding dresses and honeymoon destinations.
1247 Sycamore Street, Apartment A and B respectively, is where Kate and Brian find themselves after their tumultuous breakups. An unlikely relationship would soon ensue between these shattered souls, and ‘what ifs’ would slowly rise to the surface of their attraction for one another. But, what would happen to their budding relationship when their ex’s want a second chance?


Brian tried to make out what just happened. He looked up and noticed Kate walking toward him.
“I thought you left.”
He was still thinking.
“Brian?” She waved her hand in front of him. “Are you okay?”
“She is crazy. I never thought I’d say that. And trust me, I had two years to say that and never did. But…what just happened?”
“I don’t know. I wasn’t here.”
“She just told me to take Ellen trick-or-treating. After she told me implicitly not to. Is she crazy?”
“Why did she change her mind? Does this mean you’re not going with me?” She seemed affected.
“No, no. I told her I was going with you.”
“Ah.” Kate closed her eyes and looked away.
“Ah, what?”
“I guess she would rather control you with letting you go with Ellen than lose control with you going with me.”
“What?” She got that from what he just told her? He still didn’t know what was going on.
“It’s classic. She’s fine if you’re sitting home alone and miserable. But the second you’re moving on—because, after all, she filed for divorce to do just that—she wants to put you under her thumb. You don’t watch reality TV much, do you?”
“Reality what?” He shook his head. “Marcie was never like that. I was never…she never had a thumb on me.”
“People change. She’s no different from anyone else who just lost control of someone who’s been dedicated to her. It changes when you get a life, trust me. I’ve seen it happen with friends. The minute the one who got dumped moves on, the dumper is like, ‘Oh, someone else likes you—I think I need to keep you reeled in.’ It’s great when you can work it to your advantage. If you want to work it to your advantage.”
“Reeled in? Work it to my advantage?” His head began to throb.
“Yeah, she doesn’t necessarily want you, but she doesn’t want you to go and get your own life.”
He squinted. “So if she sees someone else who wants me, she might want me back?”
Kate backed up. “Hey, I don’t know that for certain. It’s more about controlling you.”
“What happened with your friend?”
“They got back together for like a month and then they ended it for good.”
“They got back together, though.”
He put up his hand. “No, listen. This is worth something here. You don’t understand. Ellen is my life. She is not handling this separation well at all. I met her teacher tonight and she told me she sees a difference with her. She doesn’t play at recess the way she did a few weeks ago. She’s withdrawing. If I can change that for her, it’s worth it.”
“Worth what?”
He looked at her. “Would you be willing to help me make Marcie jealous?”
She backed up, shaking her head. “No. I don’t want to get involved with anything that—“
“Just hear me out. Please.”
“What?” She rested her hand on her hip.
“I know my wife. And I know what that was about just now in her car. For two years, I could’ve walked around engulfed in flames and she wouldn’t have noticed or cared. But for two minutes just now, I saw a bit of green. She was jealous. She said I could take Ellen. She wanted me to not go with you.”
“So go with Ellen, Brian. You got what you wanted.”
“No, what I want is to live with Ellen, to read books to her every night, to keep traditions we’ve made. She didn’t do anything to deserve what’s going on with her.” He touched Kate’s arm and looked into her eyes. “You like Ellen, don’t you?”
“Of course. She’s a sweetheart. And I have noticed a difference, now that you mention it.”
He clapped his hands. “See. Now, if you help me, I can convince Marcie to give us another chance. Trust me. You would be helping me so much.” He clasped his hands and waited for her to say something.
She wavered and kicked at the pavement. “Okay. Okay, I’ll help you.”
His smile hurt his cheeks. He picked her up and swung her around. “I haven’t had this much hope for months. Thank you!” He put her down and looked in her eyes. A flashback of a few nights ago flashed in his mind. He could taste her lips again.
She looked at his mouth.
He quickly stepped back. “Well, I’ll let you go to your car. Where are you parked?” He surveyed the lot and found her car two rows over. “Let me drive you. It’s chilly out.”
“I can walk. It’s no big deal.”
“Then I’ll escort you.”
She began walking in the direction with him beside her. “This is silly.”
“No, you getting mugged is silly.”
“It’s an elementary school, Brian.”
“Hey, this is America. Anything can happen.” He opened her door and shut it. “I’ll see you at home.” He smiled through the glass.
That night, they watched a movie in Kate’s apartment. She popped corn and they drank soda and shared a bag of Skittles. It was the best night he’d had in years. Things were coming together, for once in his life. And this strange, beautiful woman was to thank for it. She was going to get him back with his wife. And she seemed so cool with the situation.
If only he knew what she truly thought about it.




From the moment I started reading this book I was utterly charmed by the main couple and their sweet and slow burning relationship.  I was charmed by their kind hearts and the comfort they found just by being with each other.  Kate and Brian are just two average folks who were betrayed by love and who ultimately start over in a journey that had them finding themselves along with acceptance in each other’s arms.

Kate Moore grew up in a small town, embraced it because of the closeness to others as well as finding a safe place within her close-knit family’s arms, but being equally frustrated by wanting to stretch her wings.  She’s a good girl with a big heart of gold that she wears on her sleeve.  Her entry into the big city had her finding what she thought was love with a rich playboy who subtly changed her while keeping her separate from his affluent world.  After his unwillingness to commit he walked away in search of fame which broke her heart, but allowed her to see the truth of him which in turn opened her eyes to the new neighbor next door.  She’s instantly smitten with Brian but his slow break-up with his wife keeps them in the friend-zone until a moment of heartbreak for him has their true feelings come bubbling to the surface.  Theirs isn’t an easy relationship though as a lie she told her parents leads to hurt feelings for everyone and could very well end the happiness she just started experiencing in Brian’s arms. Kate’s a likable heroine, almost too good to be true at times.  She’s also a bit old fashioned when it comes to relationships and marriage as she thinks that one year of togetherness equals an engagement.  These ideas definitely came from her family who seemed caught in the good old days and had trouble with her wanting something more from living on her own in a big city.  Kate was very understanding and supportive which left her blindsided a time or two by the men in her life.  I wish she’d been more concerned with self-preservation as she let herself be taken advantage of when it came to her feelings.  Despite many frustrating moments when it came to her actions I still found her an endearing heroine more than worthy of HEA and I applauded those rare moments where she stood up for herself.

Brian Simmons is a bit of a nerd when readers first meet him, a good guy and a good father, but it’s clear that his marriage is in trouble.  This is an obvious fact for readers to see but he’s desperate to ignore the truth as he doesn’t want his daughter to suffer and still strongly believes in the vows he once took.  With his wife’s constant criticism, when she’s not ignoring him that is, the love he once felt though is slowly being snuffed out. Into all this sadness comes a bright light of joy the moment he meets his new neighbor Kate.  Being with her is easy and together they become a solid support system as each of them deal with emotional hurts.  They’re good friends from the start and it’s a slow and steady burn towards something more in a journey that has a few hiccups along the way.  Brian too is a likable character, a true gentleman with a bit of old fashioned-ness when it comes to sex and marriage.  His best quality though is being a loving father and the scenes with his daughter Ellen were further proof of what a great guy he was and further endeared him to me.

This was a heartwarming read on a whole with a main couple worthy of a HEA. They were great as friends, playful and supportive, but I longed for them to jump each other as the wait was frustrating and not as steamy as I’d hoped. Causing further frustration was him ignoring the truth about his wife wanting to end things, causing a lot of unnecessary heartache for Kate as well as himself. Kate too made me frustrated by having Brian pretend to be her ex when they went home to see her family as she didn’t want them to be disappointed which led to over-the-top melodrama.  Along the way to HEA there were many heartwarming moments, many warm and fuzzy exchanges between Brian and Kate, which made these frustrating moments even more glaring. Despite that I enjoyed this book and recommend it to those looking for a romance full of heart and soul.

My rating for this is a B-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Julieann lives in Virginia, where she loves collecting houseplants, sewing cute little quilts, and writing about messy love. She fell in love with reading at a young age, after following Nancy Drew in solving the mysteries of the world. This carries on today, as crime shows are among her favorite to watch. Well those and the Hallmark channel love stories and mysteries. Keeping busy with soon-to-be six children, she needs time to unwind!


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