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Book Tour for Silent Music by Aisling Magic (Review & GIVEAWAY)

It’s an emotional journey to be found amongst the pages of this book as a young couple finds themselves torn apart by fate with the power of music and love bringing them back together.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Silent Music by Aisling Magic, along with getting my impressions of this powerful romance, then add it to your bookshelf when it releases on September 30th.  In honor of this unforgettable romance make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win an unsigned print copy of this book too!

Brought together by passion;
Separated by destiny.
She’s his muse.
His love.
His inspiration.
And he refuses to let her go.
For nearly two years, Kai Eastwood has watched Phoenix Banks lost in a state of coma.
Singing the songs they wrote.
Remembering the moments they spent together.
Missing the kisses they shared.
Holding hope.
But how long can hope be held when, with each new day, Phoenix slips farther away?
Maybe this time
When the music fades.
And the silence invades.
Their song will begin.



From the moment I read the premise of this book I was immediately drawn to it.  It’s an emotionally intense read, one that pulled at my heartstrings while warming my heart.  It’s young love at its finest, most precious, in a touching story that pulled me in with each turn of the page.

Kai and Phoenix are a wonderful couple, one whose love is truly tested after a coma tears them apart, before their combined love of music brings them back together.  In a tale told via flashbacks, as well as where their relationship is once Phoenix comes out of her coma, things certainly aren’t easy for this couple as they have to find each other again as Kai especially has changed.  He’s a rock star now, one who could have anyone he wants.  Kai’s love never wavered though, even with everyone telling him to move on he was only ever devoted to Phoenix.  Because of his devotion Kai endeared himself to me and with each turn of the page made me fall for him even more.  Phoenix too showed an inner-strength in not only rebuilding her life but in rebuilding her love with Kai.  On a whole they were just perfect for each other and I felt honored watching their romance play out.  Along with this unforgettable main couple came a small cast of secondary characters that were supportive to the main couple who leave me wanting to know more about them.  Phoenix’s sister and Kai’s brother I was especially drawn to and I enjoyed their fun and supportive connection to this couple as it added to the realism of this story.

There was much to like about this story courtesy of a couple whose love is meant to be and who get put through the emotional wringer, alongside readers.  There’s a lot of angst along with plenty of sweet and sensual exchanges.  While some people dislike flashbacks they were essential to this story as it laid the groundwork for their journey to HEA.  I hurt when they hurt but it was a journey that was richly rewarding by the turn of the final page.  While there was much to like about this book there were just a few quibbles I had.  There was a bit of roughness when it came to the narrative, comments are made that are never addressed again, and the dialogue felt a bit off too at times. Though Kai has become a rock star it wasn’t very apparent as he didn’t seem to be living the lifestyle.  The story felt like it needed a bit more time as well to wrap it up fully, but despite these imperfections I still found this a heartbreaking journey that ultimately warmed my heart and soul.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Aisling Magic is a twenty-something author who can either be found writing about people falling in love or has her nose buried in a book well past her bedtime. She enjoys chocolate, cello music, rainy nights, long drives, traveling the world, and Chris Hemsworth.
About her books: She writes romance stories with a hint of humor. Her heroines may not always be sexy, but are strong, her heroes may not always be the alpha but are dedicated and the families in her stories may not always be related by blood but are all bonded by heart. Aisling likes to pretend she’s the most badass character in her novels but in the real world, she doesn’t even go to the toilet at night without lighting up the house.


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