Thursday, September 24, 2020

Book Review for Hate to Love Him by J Saman......


A gorgeous, brooding rock god.
An unstoppable chemistry we fight to ignore.
Desperate passion I want indelibly inked on my soul.
Jobless and financially destitute, I have no choice but to see this tour through. Even with my boss hating my guts. A fact he goes out of his way to prove every chance he gets.
Lucky for me, the best part of Jasper Diamond is his daughter. But being the nanny on the road with one of the world’s biggest rock bands poses more challenges than I was expecting – including falling for the elusive front man.
But with the world chasing after us, how long can we hide what others are determined to exploit?
They say there is a thin line between love and hate.
That all good things must come to an end.
Set on a collision course, nothing could have prepared us for this.
Or for what fate has in store for us. 


Picking up right where the first book left off, readers are immediately thrust back onto the rollercoaster ride of emotions between Violet and Jasper as his band's tour continues.  The push/pull between them is still apparent, amped up actually as I'm even more invested in this couple and am desperate for them to finally reach their HEA.  There's a lot of pain from the past festering between them, but a lot of love too and it's that tempting promise of HEA that keeps me frantically turning the pages as speed bump after speed bump comes barreling at them.  Through it all it was clear that they're meant to be in a romance full of angst, from within and from the outside world as the steep price of fame reared its ugly head along the way.  Viola and Jasper weathered every storm though, weathered each high and low, becoming stronger with each turn of the page in a romance that pulled at my heartstrings while steamy up the pages.

Viola was a wonderful heroine, strong-willed, loving, and kind hearted.  With a drug-addicted mother she's had some tough times but was always able to rise above it.  She was once close to the members of Wild Minds, but being betrayed by Gus had her walking away only to return now in order to care for Jasper's autistic daughter.  Being back feels like coming home though and it's clear that this band is her family, despite the conflicting feelings she has for Jasper that are only getting stronger and stronger.  The relationship between her and Ady is particularly beautiful.  It's clear that the author has a good grasp on dealing with autism and it was a realistic and respectful depiction that showed just how patient and caring Viola is.  Ady was a delight herself and I enjoyed seeing her branch out, take chances, and engage more with the world.  Jasper still frustrated me from time to time, but he had a lot weighing on him as the paparazzi and others were out for blood and he's a very protective man.  Readers get to see plenty of Gus this time around and I liked discovering new layers to someone who's always projected the rockstar persona.  There's a lot more substance to the cocky rocker and I found myself liking him even more in this installment.

The romance between Viola and Jasper was one that was hard-fought, but it was an immensely satisfying one that requires reading the previous installment where things first started for them.  Angst galore, loving moments that were both bold yet subtle, it all made for an epic journey that had me rooting for them every step of the way.  The rockstar world was vividly depicted here too and it made for a heavy weight between them at times.  Despite each up and down this pair (along with Ady) was meant to be a family, in scenes that warmed my heart while putting a smile on my face.  Surrounding this unforgettable main couple were the other equally delightful members of Wild Minds, playful yet supportive bandmates who I'd love to see more of.  I especially hope to see more of Gus as the new layers shown here are mightily tempting!  Fans of rockstar romances will definitely want to grab this series with its second chance story full of heart and soul.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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