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Blog Tour for Lone Wolf by Shelley Munro (Interview & GIVEAWAY)

Before we get to my interview with Shelley Munro and a giveaway for an Amazon gc I want to thank Goddess Fish Promotions for letting me be a part of this tour and Shelley for taking the time to interview with me.  Make sure to read all the way to the end of the post for giveaway info and now, without further ado.  Here's Shelley........

TSP:  Have you always wanted to be a writer and what steps have you taken to get where you are today?

SM:  Yes, I’ve wanted to be a writer since my teens. I had several abortive attempts, but didn’t start seriously until my husband and I returned to New Zealand after an extended overseas trip. What prompted me to take my first steps was the fact I wasn’t getting any younger! I woke one day and decided I was wasting time, and I had to get a move on. I enrolled in a romance writing course at my local university, joined Romance Writers of New Zealand and went from there. It took me six years before I sold my first book, and I’ve worked steadily since then.

TSP:  You've written in many different genres, do you have a favorite? Are there any genres you haven't written in yet that you'd like to try your hand at?

SM:  I like writing a variety of genres, although if I had to pick a favorite it would be paranormal. I enjoy creating new worlds and populating them with magical beings. I write a lot of feline shifters, and Lone Wolf, my new release, features werewolves with the story being set in an alternative world. I also like to write contemporary stories.

Steampunk is something I’d like to attempt when I get a chance. It’s a matter of finding time and completing my current projects.

TSP:  You've done a lot of traveling throughout the world, how does it enhance your writing and where was your favorite spot that you'd love to return to?

SM:  Yes, I was born with itchy feet! Luckily, my husband enjoys travel as much as I do, and we have a lot of fun planning our trips. We’re off to China at the end of August, which I’m looking forward to very much. I’ve wanted to visit China for a long time. I think any type of life experience adds to the richness of an author’s writing. With travel, there’s the obvious introduction to different settings, but visiting other countries also exposes me to new food, mythology and the people. It gives me the springboard to create something a little different.

India is one of my favorite spots. I’ve visited twice and would like to return to Rajasthan one day. It’s such a colorful and vibrant place, and there’s never a dull moment.

TSP:  Living in New Zealand, do you think that changes how you write or influences it in anyway?

SM:  The Internet brings the world together and makes it easy to communicate with agents, publishers, authors and readers. In the past, a writer living in New Zealand might have found it difficult but these days it doesn’t present a problem.

I do tend to use New Zealand as a setting. Many of my books are set in my home country, and I like exposing people to our outdoorsy style of life. I do have to Americanize my vocab so that readers understand what my characters are talking about, but that’s probably the only change I have to make.

TSP:  How has the digital revolution affected the way you write and how you market your books and yourself and do you think these changes are for the good?

SM: The digital revolution hasn’t affected the way I write, although it has provided an outlet for my work. I’ve always been e-published and it suits my style of working. The recent growth in the digital sector, especially in the self-published realm, can only be good. I think it’s past time for the publishing industry to have a shake-up. Both e-publishing and self-publishing gives writers options and the ability to have more control over their work. While I haven’t self-published yet, it’s definitely at the back of my mind and is something I’ll explore in the future.

TSP:  What can you tell us about your new release, Lone Wolf? Is it a stand alone title or the beginning of a series and what happens next for you?

SM:  Lone Wolf is a werewolf story, set in present time USA, but in an alternative world where werewolves hold more power than humans. In my world, werewolves aren’t permitted to shift to wolf form, and they take drugs to stop them from changing. Lone Wolf is a gay romance, and the story takes place mainly in Yellowstone National Park, a place I visited a few years ago and loved. While I didn’t write this story with the intention of writing a series, there are some secondary characters who are starting to yammer in my brain. I’m quite eager to write more stories set in this new world.

I’m currently working on a follow-up story for one of my other Samhain Publishing stories, The Bottom Line, although I’m sure I’ll return to the Lone Wolf world soon.

TSP:  My site is all about your favorite things, so what are some of your favorite things or the things you can't live without?

SM:  I can’t live without my husband and our puppy. My favorite things include my iPod and books. Oh, and chocolate plus a nice glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc always goes down well, no matter what the occasion. I’m also partial to a good cup of coffee.

Thank you very much for having me to visit today. I wondered if your readers would answer a question for me—where do you go to learn about your favorite authors and their new releases? The local bookstore, author’s website, publisher website, Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else?

Shelley's Bio:

Shelley Munro is tall and curvaceous with blue eyes and a smile that turns masculine heads everywhere she goes. She’s a university tutor and an explorer/treasure hunter during her vacations. Skilled with weapons and combat, she is currently in talks with a producer about a television series based on her world adventures.

Shelley is also a writer blessed with a vivid imagination and lives with her very own hero in New Zealand. She writes mainly erotic romance in the contemporary, paranormal and historical genres for publishers Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Liquid Silver Books and Samhain Publishing. 

You can learn more about Shelley and her books at: and you might even find her lurking at Facebook: or on Twitter at:

Thanks so much to YOU, Shelley, for your interesting answers and the question you left us with.  I mostly learn about my favorite author's new releases through their newsletters and RT Book Reviews magazine.  I also learn a lot from my fellow blogger's websites.

When you fall out of step, that’s when everything falls into place.

R.J. Blake begins a new session tutoring young werewolves in the old ways—before the introduction of the shift-suppressing drugs that allow their kind to live secretly among humans. He expects nothing out of the ordinary. Until sexy, smart, aggravating-as-hell Corey Wilson arrives. Older than the others, son of a powerful Los Angeles pack leader, Corey is an instant temptation he cannot afford.

The last thing Corey wants is three months stuck in the Yellowstone wilderness, followed by the stifling life his father has all mapped out for him. One glimpse of R.J., though, sparks a determination to seduce the older man before he leaves. Yet as R.J. guides him through the sometimes terrifying process of rediscovering his heritage, a deepening respect calls to his artistic soul and fuels a burst of creativity.

When their time comes to an end, Corey senses hesitation behind R.J.’s insistence that theirs was simply a summer fling. Inspiring him to take a leap of faith with consequences neither of them saw coming. A dangerous plot that reaches from the heart of their love to the highest office in the land…

Product Warnings:

This book contains a young werewolf intent on seduction, an older werewolf determined to resist said seduction, werewolf politics and brutality, a little spilled blood, and hot, naked manlove in the great outdoors.


R.J. struggled to maintain a neutral expression. Corey Wilson wore black—everything from the tight T-shirt to the leather jacket, jeans and biker boots. His long hair hung in lank strands, unnaturally black and harsh against his pale cheeks. Black eyeliner outlined his brown eyes. And…R.J. thought the kid wore mascara. There was no doubt about the black lipstick. The knowing smile on those painted lips finally jerked R.J. back to professional.

It took him a second or two longer to realize Corey returned his scrutiny with equal intensity and to register the interest flaring in the kid’s face.

Sexual curiosity.

R.J. took in Corey’s muscular thighs and broad chest. Not such a kid, despite the air of city softness. Corey Wilson was an adult and his face bore frank awareness of R.J. He offered his hand and R.J. stared, off balance and at a disadvantage. No one—man or woman—ever surveyed him with such blatant lust.

“My father informed me I’d find things different out here, but I’m sure he told me this was the place to learn manners.” Silent laughter trembled in the words, yanking R.J. from his trance. He extended his hand, his callused palm meeting snow-white skin. He grasped the kid’s hand and shook it, tempering his strength.

The firm grip dragged his glance to Corey’s fingers. “You’re wearing nail polish.”

“There’s a law against painted nails?” Corey’s quizzical smile offered a glimpse of startling white teeth.

R.J.’s eyes narrowed. Not only did the kid dress like a Goth, but he bore a smart attitude, which didn’t bode well for the next three months. “Come and help me load your luggage. We’re keeping everyone waiting.”

“Can’t have that.” Corey’s lips curved into a genuine smile, the expression taking him from smart-ass, weird Goth to another beast entirely.

R.J. jolted from his sensual haze. Fuck! Hal was right. This kid spelled trouble and unfortunately he’d scored the job of babysitter for the next three months.

“Here’s my luggage.” Corey indicated a man pushing a trolley laden with bags.

R.J. studied the four matching black bags. Expensive designer luggage. “All of it?”

“Yeah, I wanted to make sure I came prepared for every eventuality.”

R.J. gave a clipped nod, starting to gain an inkling of why Corey Wilson’s family wanted to ship him here for the summer. The kid—man—was trouble waiting to happen. An ache sprang to life at his temples, its nagging presence hovering like a stormy cloud.

“Can you grab two and I’ll take the others?”

Corey waggled his painted nails in front of R.J. “I’d hate to chip my nail polish. Is that our bus? I’ll wait with the others.” He sauntered away without a backward glance, leaving R.J. to tip the porter and load the bags. 

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