Monday, August 22, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness......

Before we start our fashion chat I want to remind everyone that I have two contests running right now, with a third giveaway going up on Thursday when author Shelley Munro will be here for an interview and giving away an Amazon gc.  So please sign up for all the goodies listed on the upper right-hand side of this page and good luck to all!  This week I found so many fashion blunders that it was difficult to choose who should make my list, but I think I made some good choices.  So here's this week's.....

The Good....

Kristen Bell looks stylish and dramatic in this beautifully patterned mini-dress.  The diagonal pattern works well with her body shape and the bits of sparkle enhance the party feel.  Shoes, bag, and hair are the perfect choices to boot.  Kudos Kristen!

Kate Middleton continues her reign as the Queen of Fashion in this military-inspired half-business half-party dress.  The split skirt is flirty while the top reflects her royalness.  This ensemble was created by her wedding dress designer and they seem to be a match made in Heaven with her looking this good as the result.

The Bad....

Rihanna looks to be trying out for a role in the new Muppet Movie in this over-the-top outfit.  With the pajama-styled pants and feathery top, she looks more ready for bed than the premiere of her new perfume.  Either way, remember, Elmo loves you and would totally love for you to move to Sesame Street if the Muppets won't have you!

Quick, somebody save Lindsay Lohan from the giant Purple People Eater!  Oh wait, that's her purse.  Combined with the doily-inspired dress, Lind's look is definitely dated.  The over-fried hair extensions don't help matters and age her even more to the point of relic.  No wonder she's under house arrest, this look is a fashion crime!

The Ugly....

Newlywed Tara Reid looks to have just rolled out of bed in this nightgown of a dress, or is that nightmare?  From the dirty looking hair to the drapery-inspired fabric, Tara looks nothing like a blushing bride.  Dressing like this should make her blush embarrassment.

Actress Phoebe Price looks like something the cat dragged in in this holier-than-thou candy colored ensemble.  When choosing an outfit you want everything to match, but this goes too far and she ends up looking like a chewed on cat toy with the strategically placed shredded areas and comical coloring.

So there you have it, the fashion parade for this week.  Sound off below letting me know what you think of these outfits and if you'd wear them.  Join me again next week for even more fashion fun and don't forget to sign-up for the giveaways I have listed before time runs out. 


  1. I don't think I've seen Tara Reid in anything remotely good for the last 5 years or more. Rihanna totally looks like she loves what she's wearing! Gotta respect that :)

  2. Great to see you again, Lan! Tara seems to have become the Queen of trashy dressing. I think all her hard partying has fried her former fashion sense.

    And yes, Rihanna stands by her outfits no matter what. She always exudes confidence in whatever outfit she's wearing, but this one just made me laugh. Somewhat reminiscent of Cee-Lo's bird outfit from this year's Grammy Awards.