Monday, August 8, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness.....

Another week has passed and I hope all of you are staying cool.  I braved the heat for a change to attend the County Fair where I ate some rather unhealthy food, but it tasted good so it was somewhat worth it.  Enough about me and on to what you really came for.  Here's what the stars wore last week....

The Good....

Lea Michele looks ready to beat the heat in this stylish yet airy ensemble.  The fit is flattering and the color goes beautifully with her skin tone.  I'm utterly Glee-ful about this dress.

Some women don't look good in stripes, but Freida Pinto is not one of those women.  The colors are eye-catching and the direction of the stripes compliments her figure.  She manages to look elegant and sporty at the same time.  Give this woman an A for her style sense.

The Bad....

Instead of looking like a Pussycat, Nicole Scherzinger looks like a parrot with this larger than life bolero jacket.  She should be communing with nature as opposed to singing when wearing this.

Vanessa Hudgens would have Mr. Disney rolling over in his cryogenic tube by seeing her in this unflattering ensemble.  The hairstyle is cute, but from there on down it's an utter nightmare.  From the unrelenting morbid coloring to the mummy-looking skirt, this has DOA written all over it.  Someone save her, stat!

The Ugly....

Some women grow older gracefully, but it's too bad Pamela Anderson isn't one of them.  In this ode to Little Bo Peep, Pam's 44th birthday party looks as though it should've taken place in a barnyard.  I wonder what you get the girl who has everything?  When looking at this ensemble......I'd suggest a new stylist.

If this is what you look like after breaking up with Alexander Skarsgard, then Kate Bosworth proves that breaking up is hard to do.  As if the see-through shirt weren't bad enough, did she have to color coordinate her hair color to her outdated looking shirt as well?  Please, someone, get her some AS intervention before another frightening ensemble is unleashed!

There you have it, a collage of star's fashions from the past week.  Do you think the stars have aligned or are we heading towards a black hole?  Sound off below and join me again next week for even more noteworthy ensembles when we discuss The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!


  1. Wow. What happened to Kate Bosworth? She looks like she's been put through the wash :( Nicole's outfit is awful but she's pretty enough to make a burlap sack look good! Great picks once again.

  2. Great to see you again Lan and thanks for your comments! Yeah, Kate B's got me totally confused as to why she's looking that way. It's not Halloween yet, is it?

  3. It's just really shocking when she's usually so fresh faced an wholesome. These crazy celebs and their antics!