Monday, August 15, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness.......

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was relaxing in anticipation of my super busy week ahead.  I want to remind everyone of the giveaway I have going on for Wendy Burke's highly emotional short story The One He Chose in digital format that you can sign up for here.  Now get comfy and get ready for.....

The Good....

Anne Hathaway again sparkles on the red carpet in this classically designed cocktail dress.  The light smattering of crystals adds just enough drama to keep the look interesting.  The relaxed hairstyle also adds to the comfortably classic feel of this ensemble.

Kim Kardashian balances classical and modern in this tame-for-her cocktail dress.  Kim manages to restrain herself and her figure to look chic and stylish with the tame bodice and exotically open back.  I wish she would pull of this perfect balancing act more often.

The Bad....

Instead of selling movie tickets by making movies, actress Diane Kruger looks to be selling tickets in this theater-inspired ensemble.  The top half is too manly and severe looking and all the layers give a top heavy appearance compared with the scantily clad bottom half.  The only good thing about this outfit are the shoes which should've been paired with something more light and airy and summery.

Lea Michele looks matronly and over-done in this morbid-looking ill-fitting dress.  The fabric is too heavy with a pattern reminiscent of an upholstered couch.  The flowers and ruffles clash in a battle of accessories where no one's the winner, especially Lea.  And the ultimate sin is the overly-tight hairdo that's the poor man's version of a face lift.  This is definitely not a harmonious dress for the Glee star.

The Ugly....

It's now time for a battle of the superheroes!  First up, Tyra Banks.  Not since Olivia Newton-John in Grease have I seen so much leather in one outfit.  Olivia wore it better though as Tyra ends up looking more like Super Queen Bee rather than saucy bad girl.

Dancer Lacey Schwimmer looks to be Wonder Woman's less well-dressed cousin in this leather ensemble more reminiscent of Christina Aguilera's Dirty phase than anything remotely super.  The hair definitely adds to the Xtina feel.  With this over-the-top outfit I can't imagine she'll find a dance partner anytime soon, unless Super Boy is available.

So there you have it!  The fashion hits and misses.  What's your opinion of this week's selections?  Please sound off below and join me again next week for even more fashion fun.


  1. Lea, such a beautiful singer but such horrible taste :(

  2. Thanks again for visiting and commenting Lan, you rock! And yes, when Lea looks good she looks really good, but when she's bad it's a train wreck. Every week when I search for photos for this post I'm amazed that with all the money at their disposal they still manage to pick the most hideous clothes.

    I look forward to bringing more fashion flops and tops to you next week. Have a wonderful week!