Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Visit With Author CJ Ellison....

Author CJ Ellisson has written in many different genres and created many enjoyable books throughout her writing career thus far.  With so many authors out there though, her name might not be familiar to you.  So courtesy of Bewitching Book Tours CJ is here today to talk about her goals for the new year.....

Thanks for having me today, Joder. I’ve been checking out your recent posts and you certainly cover a wide range of topics here on WOW from the Scarf Princess (great name, btw). From movies, TV shows, to books…. there seems to be a bit for everyone.

I could jump right in and give your readers a hot and steamy excerpt from one of my erotica novellas, but I’m pretty sure you’ll do that if you feel like you want to. Instead, I’d like to share my Number One New Year’s Resolution with you:

1)    Reach More Readers
2)    Get Healthy
3)    Lose Weight
4)    Get More Organized (geez, these are starting to get boring)
5)    Learn to speak Spanish
6)    Have more sex (okay, that one is finally fun ;-)
7)    Play more games with my children without wanting to strangle them for fighting and acting like brats. (I think number six should help reduce stress on this one :-D)

To achieve my number one resolution, I want to tell you about a new venture I’m a part of – matching readers up with free ebooks they’re interested in.

This means a lot to me for one reason – my primary goal is always to reach readers. Pure and simple. Not sell lots of books and rake in cash. Yes, that would be really nice, but I’m a realist if nothing else. I will only obtain success one reader at a time, something most writers forget.

Recently, I did the unthinkable. I hosted an ebook giveaway on my Facebook page to match over 1500 ebooks up with readers—for FREE. All they had to do obtain a book was divulge their email and the type of eReader they own. The information was sent directly to the author of the book, who emailed entrants their free copies. It was a huge success and got me plotting to do it with more authors and on a larger scale.

Why would I do this for other writers? As I said, I want to reach more readers and as it turns out, so do many, many other authors. Some readers may wind up disliking my work or that of another author, and decide not to try any of it again, but the hope is they read the product descriptions and know exactly what they are getting…. And will be back for more.

If you like vampires you’ll love the next batch of giveaways I have planned for my facebook page. If you read steampunk, erotica, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, horror, romance, to ghost stories and more, then you’ll want to stop by a new reader page I’m working on called Red Hot Readers. On January 2nd it will launch with dozens of new titles from indie and small press authors, with over 2400 ebooks available.

The deals will all be free on the giveaway page, so be sure to stop by and get as many free ebooks as you’d like!

Thanks for having me here today, Joder. I’m excited to read your review of one of my steamy novellas and hope my take on erotica (frequent sex every few pages) wasn’t too over the top for you. I’ve found that there are so many flavors of erotica out there that it is easy to find what you really like – whether it’s more story based, like erotic romance, or down and dirty kinky with strong BDSM elements. Once you find an author you love, you follow them anywhere their active mind will take you!

Wishing you and all your readers many hours of enjoyment with books this upcoming year!

Thanks SO MUCH for being here CJ!  Great post and a great kick in the butt to make those self-improvements for 2012!

Johnny Living Dangerously
By C.J. Ellisson

Johnny is lead singer in an all-girl, hot-pants-wearing band. Experience the sexy young man's conquests one summer as he sets out to bang each gorgeous band member.

Juanita, the hot-blooded drummer; Rachelle, the base guitarist with a secret; Ginger, the redheaded lead guitarist; and quiet Kimmie, the keyboardist who prefers girls.

Will he met his goal or will one or more of the ladies find out about his plans?

WARNING: This 80 page novella contains very explicit sex.  For mature 18 and over readers

Erotica Categories: m/f/f, m/f, f/f, anal play, anal sex, sex toy use, masturbation, oral sex, light description of a m/m2f transsexual scene. Pretty much sex every few pages.

More Than Tolerable
By C.J. Ellisson

Candy thinks ordering her lovers to do what she wants will keep her heart safe and leave her in charge of her own destiny. Not surprisingly, her sexual experiences fall flat and she continues to search for more.

Tommy, one of her co-workers, has been hot for the sexy blond for months. He's bound and determined to convince her he's the one she's been searching for - even if she believes a fellow accountant would make a boring bedmate.

Can the two come together to unlock Candy's sexual awareness or will her own fears push Tom away?

Warning: This 72 page (approximately 17,450 words) novella contains explicit sex with an introduction to bondage (blindfolds, gags, spanking, tied down with scarves, and handcuffs). For mature readers 18 and over only.


C.J. Ellisson writes erotica and urban fantasy. Her vampire series, The V V Inn, mixes a heavy dose of erotic elements with suspense, action, a little bit of mystery and some light humor. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband, two children, two dogs, and a fluffy black cat who makes her sneeze.

To learn more about C.J.'s books (where you can read half of the novels for free), please visit her website at


  1. CJ...I love your resolutions...and your books sound HOT, HOT, HOT. My New Year's resolution is to get out of my mostly-nonfiction reading rut and discover more authors & genres. I'll check out your stuff and will definitely check out your Red Hot Readers page.


  2. Hi Elizabeth and Catherine! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was so wrapped up in things this is the first chance I've had to come by and check out Joder's postings.

    I had the links in the original post, but I think they didn't come through in the copy and paste. If either of you is interested in lots of free books in many different genres, then please check out:

    Wishing you all a fabulous new year!