Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness....

Christmas is coming like a freight train and I hope all of you are getting prepared.  I'm personally way behind.  So instead of thinking about that, let's talk fashion instead.  Here's our fashion choices for this week....

The Good....

Rachel McAdams brings the drama in this elegant and sexy gown.  The glittery patterned fabric is unique while the plunging back gives a lasting impression as she exits.  The color goes beautifully with her skin tone and hair color.  And since the dress sparkles on its own there's no need for any accessories.  Rachel gets kudos for this masterpiece!

Angelina Jolie looks anything but morbid in this daring black gown.  The peekaboo shoulder and slit are a nice tease without being tasteless.  The draping compliments her figure and adds drama to the overall look.  Nice job, Angelina!

The Bad....

Fergie's looking a bit rumpled in this comically bad cocktail dress.  The use of a cartoon character should only be on clothes worn by kindergartners.  But considering how tiny the dress is, perhaps this was meant for a child.  Hopefully the double-sided sticky tape is working overtime since she looks to be one deep breath away from a wardrobe malfunction.  Her lifeless hair and make-up add to this disappointing look and I wish her better luck next time.

Julianne Moore looks as if she could fly away with these over the top sleeves that ruin an otherwise acceptable look.  The sleeves look as if they were tacked on during a game of pin the tail on the donkey and she should do herself a favor and rip them off for next time.

The Ugly....

Clearly Julianne Moore didn't learn her lesson since she once again goes over the top in this grandmotherly-looking dress.  The color, fabric, and style are frumpy and the shoes add to this nightmare of an outfit.  The shoes look like a dominatrix's closet threw up on them with all the feathers and chains adorning them.  Here's hoping she gets a new stylist or it will be three strikes and she'll be out.

Courtney Love visits us again this week in another bed sheet-inspired gown.  The fabric is a wrinkly mess with draping that is haphazardly done.  The bodice of the dress is ridiculously low cut and I'm sure everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that whatever gravity is holding that dress up doesn't stop.  The washed out face and greasy hair are becoming a trademark of hers and add to the mess that this dress is.

That's it for this week.  Please sound off below with your comments about this week's fashion ensembles and be here again next week for another fashion show.

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  1. Oh dear Courtney Love o.o why don't celebrities have friends with them when they are trying on these outfits to tell them "Oh Hell No" when they see the completely ridiculous and/or hideous outfits? I don't understand.

    Love both of "The Good" choices, simply gorgeous ^_^.