Monday, December 19, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness.....

Lots going on right now with Christmas less than a week away.  I hope everyone is getting all their shopping and baking done while taking out time to read.  I'm now ready to present to you this week's celebrity fashion.  So get comfy and comment below with your impressions of what the stars are wearing.

The Good....

Sandra Bullock hasn't let motherhood keep her from looking stylish in this elegant looking tuxedo with a bit of sexiness from the deep-V of the collar.  The fit is impeccable to show off her figure with the artsy belt as an eye-catching accessory.  The stylishly simple hair and basic footwear let this outfit shine all on its own.

Jessica Biel makes basic black look chic in this lacy confection.  The see-through lace on the bodice keep the color from being too relenting, as do the minimal yet matching accessories.  The shining hair and muted make-up again keep the look fresh.  Jessica got it right with this one!

The Bad....

LeAnn Rimes should've taken a lesson from Sandra Bullock on how to wear a suit.  This one is completely wrong and outdated.  The too tight pants, the gold lame shoes, the heavily buttoned vest, and extravagantly sized shoulder pads scream the 80's.  Perhaps she's auditioning for Grease, the Musical?  The washed out complexion and greasy hair don't help the look either.  LeAnn looks just as unhappy to wear this as we are looking at it.

Elle Fanning's look is too outer space/happy home maker for my taste.  The see-through side panels make the bib-apron laced insert stick out like a sore thumb.  The rubber hose strapped shoes don't go with the demure look of the dress and give of a dominatrix vibe.  This is an outfit confused about what it wants to be and ends up making Elle look confused as well.

The Ugly....

Demi Lovato again (third time is not a charm) visits us with the same ripped up tights she sported all summer.  The overly layered look makes her look like a vagabond or perhaps an unmade bed with how sloppy she looks.  I would've hoped that a change of season would have brought a change in style for the better, but alas we're stuck with this messy look.

Sophia Bush looks extremely dated in this overly brightly colored Designing Women-inspired ensemble.  The fit of the outfit doesn't compliment her figure at all and adds a few years to her overall look.  The chunky accessories just add to the over the top feel that these colors are conveying.  A big thumbs down for this week!

Feel free to comment on your impressions of this week's fashions and have a great day!


  1. ew sophia.. thats gross. the lipstick just tops it all off as hideous lol

  2. Thanks for your comment .alana.! And yes, Sophia looks bad from head to toe and the lipstick is like a beacon, too bright. With all the money at their disposable, don't these people look in a mirror before they step out of the house?

    Thanks again for commenting and happy holidays!