Monday, December 9, 2019

Book Teaser for Breakout by Elise Faber.....

Readers will find themselves drawn to this older woman/younger man romance set in the hockey world with action on the ice and off.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Breakout by Elise Faber, then start counting down the days until this sixth installment in the Gold Hockey series hits bookshelves on December 15th!

He was too young for her. A decade too young.
Rebecca Stravokraus was the premier publicist in the professional sports. She was extremely smart, capable, and could spin a story like a spider spins its web. She also didn’t lack in confidence.
But there was one thing she couldn’t do.
It was the ultimate dirty word, the one emotion that made men, women, and all variations in between turned into possessed, insane beings.
Humanity was not built to love. They were built to work, to play hockey, to fuc—
Cough. To have a great time between the sheets.
That was enough—it had been enough.
Until Kevin declared that Rebecca was what he wanted, until they spent several glorious nights in bed together...until she began to feel.
That couldn’t be. Not now. Not in the future. Not ever.
But Kevin had decided on her and if there was one thing she’d learned about stubborn, alpha hockey players, it was that they didn’t give up.
And Rebecca had to admit that in this case she didn’t want Kevin to give up.


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