Saturday, February 20, 2021

Book Teaser Blast for Hawk by Kat Savage....

 Opposites attract in this contemporary romance of a single mom and the bad boy tattooist who shows himself to be oh so good the closer they get, and the more her past comes back to haunt her.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Hawk by Kat Savage, then add this first installment in the Men of Bird's Eye series to your bookshelf when it releases on February 23rd!

Hawk Tanner is not a man of many words—especially if you’re a silly girl getting a silly tattoo in his shop.
The owner of Bird’s Eye Tattoo Studio doesn’t want you to tip him with your phone number or flirty glances. He’s tired of all the wrong women wanting him for all the wrong reasons.
Drew Ashby has no time—for anything. As a recently-divorced single mother, her focus is on finding a job, caring for her daughter, and rebuilding some semblance of a life after hers was wrecked.
When Drew lands a job at Bird’s Eye, sparks don’t immediately fly. She can't deny the fact that her boss is a delicious specimen of a man. His tattoo-covered skin might even drive her wild, but his brooding presence and set jaw make him hard to read.
That is, until he drops the bad boy persona and starts making moves on her—kind and caring gestures she doesn't expect.
Things turn hot, and just when Drew thinks everything is finally going right, life does what it does best: It throws her a curveball from her past.
Bird’s Eye might not be the family Drew envisioned for herself, but ideals can change in a heartbeat.
There’s no doubt Hawk is the man she wants, but can he step up and be the man she needs?


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