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Book Tour for Lady of the Drake by J.V. Altharas (GIVEAWAY)

There's an exciting new romance writer on the block and HE'S written a sexy and action-packed fantasy romance that I'm excited to let you know.  Courtesy of CBLS Promotions and J.V. I've got a great blurb and excerpt to show you as well as a chance to win a copy of this amazing sounding story.  So get comfy and learn more about Lady of the Drake.....

Lady of the Drake by J.V. Altharas
Lana's village is being consumed by a devastating plague. The last hope for a cure lies in a forbidden forest claimed by dragons.
Deep in the woods she finds a breathtaking realm of sorcery and untamed passion. Alaron, the seductive keeper of the forest, offers what she seeks and more.
She’s swept up in the mysterious keeper’s world of secrets, lust and magic; but the entire kingdom is dying--and there may be no way to save it!


Lana heard the waterfall in the distance, speeding up with a second wind. The pool was as breathtaking as she remembered, a hundred feet across and fed by a spring flowing from a huge crack in the sheer cliff above. She dropped her pack on the shore and sat for a moment, bracing herself for the cold swim ahead. She took off her boots and breeches, letting down her fiery hair, catching sight of what looked like a pile of gear on the opposite shore. Her heart skipped a beat when a man burst from beneath the water with a handful of leafy, purple plants. Lana stood frozen in disbelief. In the middle of the wilderness, where she’d never seen another living soul, someone had beaten her to the dragon bane when she needed it most. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
The man swam towards his gear, getting out of the water and laying the plants out to dry on a rock warmed by the sun. Lana stood silent and unnoticed, enjoying the view. Even at a distance her eyes caught the sunlight playing across his body, highlighting every ripple of flesh, allowing his thick cock to gleam in the sun. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a wasted trip, after all.
He noticed her as he turned and dove back in, swimming toward her. Lana was mesmerized as he cut through the water. Soon the man stood just off shore in water to his waist, matted dark hair showing a hint of curl, with a cockeyed smile that melted her. Lana was struck with the fact that she stood there wearing nothing but a tunic that barely reached mid-thigh.
He grinned. “Here to poach my garden again?”
She folded her arms. “Your garden? As far as I can see, this is open forest. Unless I’ve got my facts mixed up, only dragons claim these woods, and you seem a bit short on wings and scales.”
He laughed. “Ah, then you challenge my claim. Well then, I suppose it’s everyone for themselves. There’s more down there, but you’ll have to beat me to it.”
“Very well,” she replied. “Just turn around so I can finish undressing.”
“And if I don’t?”
Lana met his playful gaze, feeling a twinge between her legs, saying, “Then I’ll wonder if I can trust you to be a gentleman once I’m in the water.”
Stroking his chin, he said, “Hmm, I suppose that does present you with a choice to make. Still, the water is lovely. And who would expect to find a gentleman out here in the wilderness?” He made no move to turn away, daring her with his eyes.
Lana tested the water with a toe, shocked to find it as warm as a bath, wondering why she hadn’t noticed the steam rising from it earlier. The young healer decided she’d come too far to leave without her prize, and there were far worse things than a naked swim with a handsome stranger. Lana stripped off her loose tunic, revealing a toned body and a pair of firm breasts. She held his gaze, wading into the water to meet him, nipples constricting as she got a closer look.
If he wanted a race, he’d get one. She dove past him with a smirk and swam toward the falls, source of the turbulent water the plants required to thrive. It took a few dives to gather the dragon bane, and Lana grew more playful each time. The clear water gave her a shameless look at her rival, and she was more than a little distracted. Lana was tempted to throw herself at him without so much as exchanging names, a thought that was brazen even for her.
He laid the plants out to dry and rejoined her in the water, saying, “That’s four to you and six to me, I believe.” Four plants wouldn’t treat half the sick, but she had other needs to attend at the moment.


J.V. Altharas is a veteran entertainer with a filthy, filthy mind.  He is an accomplished stage and studio vocalist exploring the realm of erotic audio books after returning his attention to a life-long love affair with fantasy fiction. 
Current projects include a free erotica website (with text and audio) at and several upcoming erotic audio pieces for Ravenous Romance. J.V. is also a sex-positive activist and host of the five-star-rated, gleefully explicit, brutally blunt sex-education podcast Ending the Sexual Dark Age.


This giveaway is for a signed/numbered special edition paperback copy of Lady of the Drake to a US/Can winner (for an international winner he will giveaway an eBook copy of LOTD)

-Giveaway is OPEN TO EVERYONE.
-Leave a comment, along with your email addy and whether you're US/CAN/ or INT, to be entered.
-I will choose a winner using and email the winner who will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
-Giveaway ends at 11:59 CST PM on 1/7.

*Want to learn more about LOTD?  Visit Harlie's Book Blog tomorrow for a review.


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