Monday, January 2, 2012

Fashion Monday Madness (Abbreviated Holiday Version)

With the craziness of the holidays still surrounding us, I'm keeping this week's fashion chat in abbreviated mode.  I simply can't omit it entirely when there's clothing like this being worn in the world.  So let me know what you think of the star's styles and join me for another busy week here at my place and Happy 2012.

The Good....

Kate Hudson's looking warm yet stylishly modern in a wintery bomber jacket and woolly Ugg Boots.  The earth tone colors are perfect for her wintery walk and compliment her skin tone and hair color beautifully.  The stylish jacket and sunglasses are worthy of any supermodel and Kate's starting the New Year off right with this ensemble.

The Bad....

Nicki Hilton is having a Clan of the Cave Bear moment with the Woolly Mammoth vest.  The unflattering stocking cap appears to be covering up her droopy Heidi braids and the rest of the outfit just adds to the unflattering.  I'd be unsmiling too if I were wearing this uninspired outfit that screams Bah Humbug.

The Ugly....

Kat Von D looks as though she woke up on the wrong side of the bed with this completely crazy outfit.  From the tight leather pants that look like they were attacked by rampant scissors, to the patch job of tying the leather to her legs, to the mismatched shoes, this is no way to ring in the New Year.  Maybe she's still hung over?  Who knows, but this outfit is better suited to the trash can than the city streets.

That's it for this week.  Sound off below with your feelings about this week's fashions and return later this week for another author visit and possibly more giveaways.


  1. I know Priscilla, the shoes are crazy! I can't believe she's wearing them like that on purpose, but if you're going to wear pants like that I guess shoes like that aren't too out of place.

  2. Maybe she really didn't notice...although this probably really is a bad fashion choice.

    Once, I dressed in the dark for two days in a row and wore two DIFFERENT black heels. When I started getting sore knees and hips because one had a higher heel than the other and I had to go up and down stairs a lot, I mused aloud about it to my classroom full of high-school students. They just gave me the "we know you're crazy" look.

    Then one of the girls told me, "We didn't want to embarrass you since you obviously were either rushed, dressed in the dark, or couldn't find both matching pairs. We're used to your weirdness. You should have seen the day when you wore different COLORS of shoes AND socks!" We all had a good laugh and from then on I laid my clothes out the night before!

  3. That's a funny story kyreadinggirl! And I would say that maybe the mismatched shoes was an accident if not for the rest of the wacky outfit. Those pants are truly a mess!