Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion Monday Madness....

Courtesy of last night's Golden Globe Awards we have a great, and not so great, collection of ensembles for this week's post.  So sit yourself down and see if you agree with my choices.....

The Good....

Looking like anything but The Help, Viola Davis looks glamorous and romantic in this grecian gown with a hint of flirtiness.  Her hair is sleek and stylish and the color of the gown is a stand out.

Natalie Portman is a standout in this simply draped dress in the bold fuschia color.  Natalie looks sophisticated and understated in this gown that looks comfortably glamorous.

The Bad....

I love the color and top half of Sofia Vergara's dress, but the bottom looks like an attack of the peacocks.  It's way too tight and ends up looking like a feather duster.

Speaking of feather dusters, Elle MacPherson's dress is an explosion of tulle.  The top half is ill-fitting with very distracting embellishments.  The bracelets also add to the confusion as they look like something you'd get out of a Cracker Jack box.

The Ugly....

Emily Watson looks old beyond her years in this paper bag-inspired dress in a drab color that completely washes her out.  The look is completely dish rag material and is not helped by the unkempt hairdo and nonexistant make-up.  A bad look all-around.

Nicole Kidman looks as though she was attacked by a Bedazzler.  The embellishments look comical and it leaves the dress looking like something I'd drape over the edge of my couch.  The bodice looks too costumey and seems more appropriate for a Las Vegas showgirl.  Another misstep for Nicole!

That's it for this awards show!  Let me know your opinions on my fashion choices below and see you next week for more interesting ensembles.


  1. Replies
    1. Viola looks amazing! I particularly love the hair. Octavia looked great too. Too many of the dresses were just not good imo and the color palette rather drab.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

    2. Yeah, she really did. She didn't over accessorize and kept her hair simple.
      And your welcome! (: