Thursday, January 19, 2012

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This is the day of the week where we get to know each other better by answering a question devised by our lovely hostesses Parajunkee & Alisoncanread.  We also gain new followers by joining each other's sites via GFC, so please let me know if you're a new follower since I automatically follow back.  And now for this week's question....

Q: What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get your hands on any particular book?


A:  I'm going to appear rather boring with this answer...but so be it.  I read A LOT as a child, and since I became disabled at the age of four, it was my main form of activity (sure beat PE which I luckily got out of in later years).  My parents made sure I had whatever books I wanted but we had to drive 45 minutes to the closest city with a bookstore to get them.  Needless to say, the bag was overflowing with books when we came home.  Thankfully, my sister was a big reader too so the books were reread by many.


  1. Great story and awesome post :)

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  2. Awesome story!

    I had to beg just to BORROW a copy of Divergent!

  3. Man, reading rather than PE? That must've been one perk! When I broke my arm, I still had to sit on the sidelines and watch rather than participate! (I know that in no way compares, but it's fascinating how other places do things.)

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  4. Hopping through, good post. I would love to borrow books yet my friends live far away or we just don't similar tastes in books. :D Here's my FF

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  6. I got to sit out in PE too due to medical issues with my leg. So later on in middle school and high school--especially when I had recent surgeries, I would get to sit out and READ! The only time I actually liked PE!

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  7. It's always good when books are well-used. :)

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  8. You're parents are just so supportive, unlike mine...

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  9. Hopping through. How nice of your parents to make sure you always had books. And reading is much better than PE :-)
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  10. Books are a nice escape aren't that , and don't make you all sweaty like PE. I'm a new follower would love to see you over at our page. thanks

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  12. Lucky! I wish my parents bought me that many books at a time :) I just get 1-3.

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  13. I used to read all the time and my room would just be overflowing with books! :)
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  14. Thanks everyone for your visits and comments and I hope your weekend went wonderfully! I look forward to your continued visits as they absolutely make my day better!