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Book Tour for Parrish by Janine Infante Bosco (Review & GIVEAWAY)

From the moment readers met Jack Parrish they knew they’d discovered a complex and unforgettable hero, a hero who’s a bit tarnished, but a hero nonetheless as he gives his all to help those he claims as his own.  This story is his story, his and Reina’s story of love, and it’s one heckuva ride.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Parrish by Janine Infante Bosco, along with my impressions of this emotionally intense read, then add this powerful tale to your bookshelf.  In honor of this fourth installment in the Satan’s Knights series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a mystery box too!

It’s not a wicked world that drives a man to sin, it’s a deranged mind. Baptized in dirty water by Satan himself, I’ve spent my whole life fighting the good fight, searching for the light in the darkness of insanity. Now, the light I’ve basked in for so long is finally dimming and the time has come for me to take my final bow before the curtain closes on my sanity.
After making a deal with the district attorney and providing my club with full immunity for the crimes we’ve committed, I have twenty-four hours to remind my wife, Reina, why she fell in love with a bastard like me before I turn myself in and break her heart.
But twenty-four hours isn’t enough.
Not for me and certainly not for the Devil.
Tragedy strikes, and my world implodes. It’s lights out for Jack and Reina and a man can’t survive without his sunshine. Engulfed in darkness, consumed by the crazy, I’m a weapon of mass destruction, ready to wreak havoc on the wicked world.
Word to the wise—proceed with caution, motherf*ckers.
The Bulldog is back!


Jack’s mood was ping-ponging. One minute he was the loving man on the cusp of signing his life away, the next he was a desperate creature, trying to prove his existence. If he could paint the world and leave his mark, I’m sure he would. Instead, he painted me, branding me in front of a faceless stranger in a parking lot.
It was nothing I pictured our final time together would be and yet, at that very moment, it was everything I needed. Desperation will make you insane and I’m starting to wonder if maybe Jack isn’t the only one losing his mind because I am not ashamed of what we did.
I’d do it again.
And again.
In front of thousands of eyes.
I’d paint the world too, letting everyone know I’m his.
The other half of Jack’s heart.
The broken piece he’ll leave behind in a few hours.
“Reina,” Jack calls from behind me, pulling me away from my thoughts. Shrugging my jacket off, I drape it over the back of one of the kitchen chairs before glancing over my shoulder at him. Leaning against the door frame, he crosses his arms and studies me for a moment.
“Are you okay?” he questions, narrowing his dark eyes.
“Of course,” I reply, turning around to completely face him. I comb my fingers through my hair and stare at him. “Why wouldn’t I be okay?”
“You barely said a word to Grace before she left,” he points out.
A frown ticks the corners of my mouth as I realize he’s right. I was too lost in my own head to pay much attention to Grace. I didn’t even bother to thank her for watching Danny or ask if she had heard back from her husband’s lawyer. Truthfully, I was relieved when I heard the door close behind her and for that I’m ashamed. In my defense, I’m terrified of the sun coming up and all I want is to lay next to my husband. I want to memorize the rhythm of his heartbeat and the way I perfectly fit in the crook of his arm.
I’ll have plenty of time to talk with Grace.
Plenty of chances to thank her for watching my son.
But I won’t have my husband.
“I’ll call her tomorrow to apologize,” I say as he pushes off the doorjamb and takes a step closer to me.
“Talk to me, Reina,” he pleads. “Tell me what’s going on inside that head of yours.”
I smile at his choice of words.
“Isn’t that my line?”
He cocks his head to the side as he reaches me and lifts his hand to my cheek.
“I love looking at you,” he says softly. “In the morning when you wake up. When you’re cooking and helping Danny with his homework. When you smile and fuck, I love watching you laugh too. After you come when you’re completely satisfied and look at me like I’m some kind of fucking king—that’s another look I love.”
Pausing, he lifts his other hand to my face and cups my cheeks as he leans his forehead against mine.
“But this look, the one you’re giving me right now, it’s fucking breaking my heart Reina.”
“What look?”
“Your light is dimming, Sunshine,” he whispers.
As much as I hate to admit it, he’s right. I told myself I wouldn’t fall to pieces, that I’d stay strong until he surrendered, but I’m losing my will. It’s all too much and I can’t help but feel like I’m grieving a living man. The very last thing I want is our final memories of one another to be these. I want us to remember each other as lovers and know the part of him that is me, will never die.
“I’m fine,” I tell him.
“You’re breaking.”
“No,” I argue, shaking my head free of his hold. “I don’t break, Parrish.”
The words sound weak to my own ears, but I refuse to show defeat. Smoothing a hand down his chest, I force a smile.
“Go check on Danny, give him a kiss and tuck him in for the night. I’m going to take a quick shower before I meet you in bed.”
“Please, Jack,” I interrupt hoarsely. Something snaps deep inside of me and I lose my filter. “I haven’t asked you for a thing since you told me you were taking the deal. I didn’t beg you to change your mind or ask you to choose me. I stood by your side and performed the role of the supportive wife like it was my God given right. In reality, I’m mourning my husband and he’s standing right in front of me. Do you have any idea how that feels?” I cry, balling my fists angrily. “My heart is broken and in the back of my mind I’m wondering how I’m going to go on without you, but I can’t let that consume me because we’re not going to remember our love this way. We get one chance at goodbye, Jack. One shot at closing the story with a beautiful memory. Now, I’m asking you to pretend like you don’t see the cracks in my bravado. I want to remember how loved I felt every time my husband looked at me and how safe I felt in his arms. I want to remember his gruff voice in my ear and the scent of his cologne on my sheets. I want to remember you the way I saw and felt you since the day I met you. Give me that. Please, give me that memory.”
I wait for the regret to seep into my soul but the need to wish my words away doesn’t come. Not even when he takes a step backward and flinches as if I’ve smacked him across the face. We’re a lot of things but what we’re not are liars. Our marriage is full of ugly truths we’ve both accepted, this is just another added to the list.




From the moment I was introduced to the tarnished white knight that is Jack Parrish I knew he’d take us on an incredible journey.  Whether in the forefront with guns blazing, or in the background making plans like a master chess player to keep his brothers safe, he’s always been larger than life.  His journey has been joyous, sensual, scary, and heartbreaking at times throughout the Satan’s Knights series of books and with this latest release he once again takes center stage in an exhilarating ride that kept me frantically turning the pages to see what happens next.

With the previous book’s jaw-dropping conclusion, readers are still reeling as it appears that time’s run out for Jack and left him with no more options to save his club and his son-in-law, Blackie.  Ready to make the ultimate sacrifice Jack makes the most of his final day of freedom to take his soulmate Reina on a journey that reminds readers of their undying love and gives us even more reason to adore Jack as he sweeps her off her feet in a sweet and sexy goodbye.  Just when you think you know what’s coming though, things take an unexpectedly shocking turn that unleashes “the Bulldog” as he once again fights to save those he loves while proving to Reina that he’s worthy of her love in a sentimental and emotionally intense love letter.  Jack’s a character not easily defined as he’s done some very bad things in his life, though they were done in protection of others.  He’s not exactly a hero either, but he’s definitely not a villain as his love for his club and the unconventional family he’s created shines bright in all that he does.  He has a big heart and has repeatedly shown it throughout the series by making many other bruised and broken characters “Property of Parrish”.  Helping others has led him to this tumultuous point, along with his deteriorating mental health, and the low point he reaches here broke my heart.  I shouldn’t have counted him out though as, like a phoenix, he rises from the ashes to once again make right the wrongs that befall those closest to him.  It’s a ride full of shocking twists and turns, suspenseful moments, and pulse pounding action that made for an unforgettable story that I never wanted to end!

Standing by Jack’s side is the strong-willed Reina, a woman with plenty scars of her own who never saw herself as the Old Lady to a club president.  It’s forced her into being stoic, hiding her fears of Jack’s losing battle with insanity and their uncertain future.  This book shows a chink in her armor, but it’s a sweet and sexy reminder of their love for each other too.  It’s a love that’s put through the wringer, broken down before being beautifully rebuilt.  Theirs is an epic love story, set against the backdrop of danger and suspense careening towards the club, and all I could do was hold on for dear life.  Along with solidifying his connection to Reina, there were the changes going on in the club that Jack also had to deal with which added another level of heartache to the story. His brothers were always there for him in the past, could always be counted on to follow him into the fire, but there’s doubt in this story caused by the fallout from the previous book and Jack’s declining mental health.  For all that Jack’s sacrificed for them I was a bit disappointed, but Ms. Bosco quickly reminds them and us of what being “Property of Parrish” means in a story that ultimately has you cheering after all sorts of heart pounding and action-packed scenes.

Throughout this series Ms. Bosco shows why she’s my go-to author for MC-themed romances as she’s a master of balancing love with suspense, heartwarming encounters with heartbreaking events, all in order to tell a story full of heart and soul.  Her characters are far from perfect, but their imperfections make them perfect in my eyes and have kept me wholeheartedly invested in each one of these characters.  The depiction of Jack’s mental demons was vivid, realistic, and added a sense of foreboding to a story that already had me on edge.  This was a story worth waiting for, an end in some respects, but a beginning in other ways that has me greatly anticipating where Ms. Bosco takes us next!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Janine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.
She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she’s made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.


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