Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Book Tour for Blackout: A Romance Anthology (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Under a premise of naughtiness in the dark comes this anthology of 13 new stories that will scorch the pages and a bit of something for everyone.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Blackout, along with my impressions of it, then add it to you bookshelf while it’s on sale for 99 cents for the next two weeks.  In honor of this entertaining collection of sensual stories make sure that US readers visit the link below for the chance to win 2 Kindle Fires, a $100 Amazon GC, 3-$5 Amazon GCs, and a paperback bundle of books too!

What happens when the lights go out in the city that never sleeps?
Games of chance, unexpected situations, and hours of sin!
Thirteen bestselling and award-winning authors are turning up the heat in an anthology featuring brand-new show-stopping stories set in Las Vegas. Roll the dice and get ready to feel the heat!
Night Games by T.K. Leigh:
Note to self: Never agree to play an innocent dice game during a blackout in Vegas. I should have known it wouldn’t remain innocent, not in the city of sin.
Night & Day by Bethany Lopez:
One explosive weekend together nearly ruined them. But, there's no way Simone and Micah can ignore their chemistry when they're alone in the dark.
Close Encounter by Stephanie St. Klaire:
The day started with a quick screw, a couple of quirky two-bit cons and ended with a diabolical serial killer. What do you do when the lights go out? Run.
Absolutely Mine by Terri E. Laine:
I made a promise to stay away from my best friend’s little sister. But it’s Vegas and that’s one promise I’m probably going to break.
Honeymoon Hideaway by Cary Hart:
What’s worse than being locked in room with a vibrating bed and your sworn enemy? Waking up next to him… naked! Did I mention he’s also my boss? Oops.
The Do-Over by Christi Barth:
The best way to move on after being dumped? A hot fling. An even better way? Revenge sex and the chance to turn the tables on the guy who dumped you...
Just Us by J.H. Croix:
Ellie asks me to promise her one thing. We can’t tell her brother about us. Small problem though. One night will never be enough.
Dirty Thoughts by C.A. Harms:
He was the crush I never thought I’d see again. Yet here we were in Vegas, during a total blackout. I figure why not explore all the possibilities, or more like let him explore me?
Hard Luck by K.A. Ware:
Ellis James is my kryptonite, the only person who could drag me back to Vegas after I promised myself I was done with that life. I'd bleed for her, I'd die for her, but can I save her?
Becoming His by K.I. Lynn:
When I slammed into Hollywood heartthrob Reid Gallagher, I never imagined it would turn into a first date I’d never forget. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...right?
Going Down by Lisa Shelby:
She’s the only person I’ve ever loved and I’m the last person she wants to see. She’d hoped to avoid me as much as possible in Vegas, but when we get stuck alone in an elevator, not even she can deny that our chemistry still runs hot.
Blind Faith by Lauren Runow:
I never expected to be locked out of my room basically naked in a total blackout. Thinking that would be the biggest shock of my night was my first mistake.
Free Bird by Leddy Harper:
She’s a showgirl who wants out of Vegas. He’s a rugby player who wants a bit of company. Can they both get what they want?




When it comes to anthologies there’s always an entertaining assortment of stories with themes that will appeal to every reader.  When it came to this particular anthology, after a bumpy start courtesy of the first story, the majority of the stories were immensely appealing with characters I found very likable as they were put into scorching situations.  Set in Las Vegas, each story stands nicely on its own, with a blackout leading to unforgettable encounters and decisions.

Blind Faith by Lauren Runow was just one of the stories that captured my attention due to its delicious hero and engaging premise that revealed how the blackout occurred that was the driving force behind each of the anthology’s stories.  Emotions ran high in this story and pulled me in wholeheartedly.

Honeymoon Hideaway by Cary Hart was the kind of romance that put a smile on my face.  With a spunky heroine, and larger than life secondary characters, this tale redefined the meaning of family and gave the down-on-her-luck heroine a support system she’s never had before.  Colorful characters and opposites ultimately attract in this sensual and heartwarming tale full of laugh out loud moments.

Hard Luck by K.A. Ware was a gritty and emotionally intense story set in the Las Vegas underworld.  Teeming with suspense and rough around the edges characters, readers will find themselves captivated by this second chance romance full of heart and soul.

On a whole readers will find this a satisfying collection with couples and themes that will keep you turning the pages.  While not every story is five-star, each will give a bit of afternoon delight as What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the authors for review in exchange for my honest opinion.



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