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Book Tour for Tink’s Salvation by Colbie Kay (REVIEW)

It’s a gritty book from the first page to the last as former friends find themselves reconnecting through their mutual pain over events in their pasts.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Tink’s Salvation by Colbie Kay, along with my impressions of this MC romance, then add this ninth installment in the Satan’s Sinners MC series to your bookshelf too!

I have a thing for bad boys, I always have, but that infatuation cost me, and I've been living in fear ever since. My new roommate says we have protection from Satan's Sinners MC, but no one can protect me from the past that haunts me. Or so I thought until Tink. He's the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the man I want to save even when I can't save myself.
He's another bad boy I don't need, but can he save me when my past returns?
All I ever wanted was to fit in, to fit in somewhere I wasn't known as the trailer park trash I know I am. I thought I was getting a family like I never had when I became a prospect for Satan's Sinners MC. They needed me, and I was there; I kept my mouth shut, and that cost me. Now, I'm bound by the very chains that scarred me, and no one can free me. Or so I thought until Jorga Lankford. She was my best friend's girl, now, she's a woman who is damaged and needs me.
I shouldn't want her, but in saving her, can I find my own salvation?




The moment I read the premise of this book I knew I couldn’t put it down until I reached the end.  The journey to getting to the end though is a rocky one, one that put me through the emotional wringer in a romance of second chances and starting over through the healing power of love.  It’s a story that will give you a few tears while putting a smile on your face a time or two with each turn of the page in an unforgettable tale.

Lucas “Tink” Melody has always struggled to find his place in the world as a young man living on the wrong side of the tracks.  People always looked down on him, leaving him with only two friends, one of whom he’s always felt attracted to.  Even though he saw Jorga first he let his friend claim her instead, leaving him full of regret for what might have been.  Years later they are reunited though with him watching over Jorga after her relationship with another ended brutally.  It’s a connection that’s just as sizzling as it once was but this time he has no plans to let her get away again in a journey that took some painful turns.  Lucas was an intriguing character, one I was drawn to immediately.  His early years were full of bullying and blows to his self-esteem that left him ready to leave town the moment he could.  The only bright spots were the love and support of his hardworking mother and Jorga.  Leaving Jorga behind was the hardest thing he ever did but it did show him some hard truths...mainly that his friend Nate was never really a friend.  That discovery led him back to Jorga though and gave him the chance to make his own HEA.  Lucas is an intense character who started out with stars in his eyes over the chance to join the Satan’s Sinners.  He was happy to finally have a family and was willing to do anything to get patched in.  A mission that had him going undercover with another MC though went tragically wrong and led to an event that changed his life irrevocably, leading to numerous nightmares and his inability to be touched.  The scenes of his torture were vividly depicted, hard to read and made me cry for all he endured and for the internal and external scars left behind.  He was a changed man after this, it hardened his heart and left him a bit bitter when it came to HEAs.  Seeing Jorga again though was a bright light in his darkness and seeing them together warmed my heart as they both helped one another heal and deal with their demons.  Lucas may have looked a bit rough around the edges but he had a tender heart when it came to Jorga.  He was protective of her with moments of uncertainty when it came to their increasingly sizzling encounters.  On a whole I liked Lucas, admired him for all he overcame, and it had me rooting for him from the first page to the last.

Jorga Lankford’s life has also had some painful twists and turns when it comes to men and matters of the heart.  Her teen years with Nate were full of disappointments, infidelity, and blows to her self-esteem.  Going to college only made things worse with a new boyfriend whose abuse broke my heart and had her starting over far away from him.  Reconnecting with Lucas though was a healing balm that slowly empowered her to stick up for herself and to start going after what she wanted in a romance that had them going from friends to lovers.  Their growing love didn’t go as I’d hoped as her life was again left hanging in the balance and set Lucas on the road to revenge, not only for her but for himself too.  This latter part of the book was intense and gritty in its depiction of revenge that reminds readers that we’re in the world of MCs.  Throughout this book I liked Jorga.  She might have started out a bit timid but she clearly changed the moment she defended Lucas.  When it came to men though she let her battered self-esteem guide her which led to a lot of physical and emotional bruises that showed her strong survival instincts.  She was a caring heroine, one who saw more to Lucas than what he and others saw in himself, and it had me cheering for them to get a richly rewarding HEA after all they endured.

From the first page to the last I was consumed by this story with its grittiness and its moments of heart and soul.  The hero and heroine were unforgettable as they put their hearts on the line in an unvarnished journey to HEA.  Surrounding them were couples from the previous installments in this series as they brought moments of humor as well as moments of strength and support to the story.  The Satan’s Sinners made for an unconventional family but a family nonetheless who were always their when Lucas and Jorga needed them.  This was a powerful story that never sugarcoated the truth as it dealt with timely issues regarding domestic abuse, stalking, and other issues that brought a tear to my eye.  Each hurt to the main couple were hurts I felt deeply and I applaud Ms. Kay for her talent in balancing these gritty moments with loving and joyful ones.  Readers who love MC romances will definitely want to add this intense series to their bookshelves while waiting to see if the immensely likable Dancer gets her own HEA!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Colbie Kay always had a love for reading and wanted to pursue writing. In 2015 she made that dream come true when she published her first book. Since then she has become a stay-at-home mom, writing full-time and bringing her passion to life through the words she creates.
The most fulfilling part of being an author for Colbie is to take readers into a fantasy world between the pages of her books. Becoming an author has also given her the opportunity to fill another passion of hers, which is traveling. She loves being able to attend book signings and meeting everyone that shares her love of books.
Colbie has many more stories to share with you, so be sure to connect with her and keep up with what is coming next.

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