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Book Tour for Back To Us by J.H. Croix (REVIEW)......

 It's a second chance at HEA once a man realizes his attraction to his best friend's sister in this tale of hurt feelings and making amends.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Back To Us by J.H. Croix, along with getting my impressions of it, then add this fourth installment in the Dare With Me series to your bookshelf!

A hate to love, second chance romance.
Just how wrong is it to want my best friend’s little sister?
And, how do you fix a broken heart? This inquiring mind wants to know. It probably doesn’t matter though because Nora hates me.
If you ever wondered, it is possible to live and work with someone in a small town and not speak to said person for months. That’s how long Nora ignores me after I tell her commitment isn’t for me.
I didn’t know I was already in love with her. I didn’t know I was breaking my own heart by telling myself it was too complicated to fall for my best friend’s sister.
All I want now is to find the way back to us.
What to Expect
✔️ A broody ex-military pilot
✔️ Best friend’s sister
✔️ Off limits
✔️ Frenemies to lovers
✔️ Hate to love
✔️ Second chance



Being the fourth installment in the Dare With Me series had me worried I might feel lost, not knowing all that came before.  But I'm happy to report that this is a charming tale set in a small town, dealing with second chances and broken hearts, as well as fears over taking a chance on love.  The connection between these two main characters is sizzling from the very start, but both have been hurt by abandoning what they once had together, struggling to find a HEA in a journey that's both frustrating yet full of twists and turns.  With each turn of the page I'm pulled in more and more, hoping this couple will give into what's more than obvious to readers.

Gabriel and Nora were once a couple with benefits, but the moment Nora wanted more Gabriel walked away.  His reasons for doing so were based on fear...fear of angering his best friend by dating the man's sister along with fear over getting a broken heart as his parent's dysfunctional marriage taught him.  Being without her though has him crawling back to try to win her heart once again in a journey full of frustrating moments of back and forths.  When an accident occurs to one of them though, feelings rush to the surface to finally be dealt with head-on in an engaging journey of second chances.  Though I was frustrated by this couple I still liked them.  Gabriel was a jerk with how easily he walked away from Nora at the start, but once he committed to her it was clear how caring he was of her.  His attention was sweet and swoon-worthy, his respect for her strength making him even more likable.  Like Gabriel, Nora has a lot of baggage from the past, baggage that they'll have to work through to find HEA.  She has low self-esteem that's clearly on display from the beginning but when it comes to her job as a pilot I found her to be tough and a bit of a bad ass.  She doesn't like relying on others but if she wants a future with Gabriel she'll have to let her vulnerable side show.  It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions between them, scorching exchanges as well as a few heartfelt moments in a relationship that kept me glued to the pages.  Surrounding the renewed feelings between Gabriel and Nora were depictions of a quaint small town in Alaska.  The denizens were made up of friends and family and pushed this couple to HEA in a way that put a smile on my face and that has me wanting to go back to read their stories now too.  On a whole this is a sweet and sexy story, told with plenty of sizzle with a bumpy road to HEA that readers will find satisfying yet familiar.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


USA Today Bestselling Author J. H. Croix lives in a small town in the historical farmlands of Maine with her husband and two spoiled dogs. Croix writes steamy contemporary romance with sassy women and rugged alpha men who aren't afraid to show some emotion. Her love for quirky small-towns and the characters that inhabit them shines through in her writing. Take a walk on the wild side of romance with her bestselling novels!

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