Saturday, June 26, 2021

Book Release Blitz for Cipher's Code by Quinn Ryder.....

 A man on a mission finds himself torn between brotherhood and duty in this suspenseful and sensual tale set in the MC world.  Add in an attraction to a woman who's part of this world and things become even more complicated.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Cipher's Code by Quinn Ryder, then add this second installment in The Devil's Armada MC to your bookshelf!

Brotherhood vs. Honor.
There’s a difference between right and wrong, and I crossed that line the moment I swore in as the newest member of the Devil’s Armada MC. My job was simple: Infiltrate the Armada, get the intel, and burn the whole club to the ground.
Loyalty and Dishonor sometimes walk hand in hand, because I never anticipated the sacrifice I would make in the name of brotherhood.
Now I’m on the frontlines among men who I’ve grown to respect, even though they have no idea there’s a snake in their grass.
I was supposed to be already gone, but the second I met Daisy and her lips of corruption, I couldn’t stay away. Now, I’ll do anything to get her back, even working alongside the enemy in order to find her—an enemy that’s even more tempting than the woman I’m hell bent to find.
My heart is a divided mess, and if picking one woman wasn’t hard enough, I must also decide where my allegiance lies...
On the shoulders of my new brothers or within the code I choose to live my life by.

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Quinn Ryder lives in a fantasy world full of badass bikers, feisty heroines, and chrome that's twitching to rumble between your legs.
She's been in the business for five years, so this author is no stranger to written words, but she must admit that the MC world is a bit new to her. Tempted by the corruption and chaos that follows the open road, Quinn created the Armada after one burly biker refused to leave her head until she finished telling his story. Now, Specter and all of his brothers are ready to suck you in with their rough exteriors, foul mouths, and hearts full of steel and chrome.
Are you ready to dive into the world of the Devil's Armada? Come join Quinn Ryder and her men of steel and be prepared to hang on for one hell of a ride!
Quinn Ryder, creating worlds full of danger and intrigue, while riding the road one word at a time.

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