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Book Tour for Medusa A Love Story by Sasha Summers (Interview)

For fans of the movie Clash of the Titans, the image of Medusa will be forever etched in our minds.  Sasha Summers has taken that image and our impressions of her and completely spun them around.  In Medusa A Love Story, Medusa is a gorgeous an loyal woman betrayed by the Gods to end up the hideous creature we've all come to know.  Today I'll be giving you a glimpse of this intriguing book as well as an interview with Ms. Summers.  So let's get right to it.......

TSP:  Hello Sasha and thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.  I look forward to your visit and reading/reviewing your intriguing new book.

SS:  It’s my sincere pleasure to be here. And I hope you enjoy the book.

TSP:  How did you get where you are today with your writing career and would you have done anything differently?

SS:  I have an incredibly supportive critique group and am part of a phenomenal RWA chapter. They help keep me writing. I cannot stress the importance of finding writer’s to connect, vent, and bond with – it will keep you sane.

Hmm, I’m not sure I’d do anything different. I’m still a new author and I have no complaints about my publishing journey so far.

TSP:  What is a typical writing day like for you and what is your dream writing space look like?

SS:  My typical writing day? After dropping off my minions - and hopefully turning on the dishwasher and washing machine – I plug in and get lost in the writing. Sometimes I don’t even make it out of my pj’s – I know, I’m super glamorous. Half the time I look up and it’s time to get the kids. The other half the time I realize I’ve spent way too much time ‘playing’ on FB, twitter, blogs, etc.

I don’t have a dream writing space – but now you’ve got me thinking…

TSP:  You seem to write in quite a few different genres, are there any other genres that you want to explore in the future?

SS:  Yes. I’m an all over the place kind of writer – fantasy, scifi, and contemporary. I’m the same with reading. Maybe it’s a Gemini thing? If it’s a good book, regardless of genre, I want to read/write it. I’m working on a contemporary young adult, a Russian gothic/folktale series, and a zombie young adult… All over the place.

TSP:  What can you tell us about Medusa: A Love Story, beyond the blurb, and where do you see the series heading?  What drew you to this intriguing mythological theme in the first place?

SS:  I am pathetically addicted to tragic love stories. And, let’s face it mythology has so many wonderful romantic and tragic for me to revisit! The series will cover many of these stories – some known and unknown myths. For the Love of Hades, Book 2, will release in January. It’s my take on what really happened between Hades and Persephone – and it’s AWESOME. After that, I have Apollo, Ares, Poseidon… etc etc. I’m not sure where it will ‘end’, but I’m sure enjoying the ride.

TSP:  When writing, who is your inspirational eye candy?

SS:  I have a wonderful Greek God hierarchy chart that I’ve plastered with my Hollywood cast of characters. I’m kind of a cinema addict, so my characters tend to take on the faces of those actors and actresses I’m partial to. Eye candy for Medusa: Ariston as Alex Pettyfer and Poseidon as Gerard Butler.

TSP:  How has the ongoing digital revolution affected your career and how you market yourself?

SS:  I think the marketing is the hardest part of being an author today. What makes ‘you’ and ‘your book’ stand out amongst the thousands of others out there. How do you market without being obnoxious? How do reach people without being a stalker… It’s hard. And at the same time, it’s not. I’ve already made some wonderful international connections with readers that I’m not sure would have come about without things like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

TSP:  When not writing, what is your ideal way to relax?  And with summer upon us, are there any vacation spots you long to visit?

SS:  I’m in Texas – so vacation spots normally include water. We’ll hit the coast at some point. And I’m making the trip to Romance Writer’s of America’s national conference in Anaheim as well. I love this conference, meeting up with writer pals, making new ones… and this year I’ll participate in their Literacy Signing fundraiser for the first time. I’m terrified. I don’t want to be one of those authors sitting there – all her books stacked prettily without a single person to buy them. Nightmare scenario!!!

TSP:  My site is all about favorite things.  What are your favorite things, the things you can't do without?

SS:  My family – there’s a lot of us and we make a lot of noise – but they are most definitely my favorite things! Other than that? Coffee, laptop, and a good book – or five.

TSP:  Thanks again for answering my in-depth (lol) questions and Happy Writing!

SS:  I like your questions! And thank you for inviting me to answer them!

MEDUSA A LOVE STORY by Sasha Summers

It's said love can change a person. Medusa wasn't always a monster...

Medusa is ruled by duty, to her Titan father and the Goddess Athena. She's no room for the tenderness her warrior guard, Ariston, stirs. When Olympus frees her from service, her heart leads her into the arms of the guard she loves... and curses her as the creature with serpent locks.

Ariston goes to war with a full heart... and dreadful foreboding. He learns too late of the danger Medusa faces, alone, and a Persian blade sends him into the Underworld. But death, curses, nor the wrath of the Gods will keep him from returning to her.

Poseidon will use Greece's war to get what he wants: Medusa. He does not care that she belongs to another. He does not care that she will be damned. He is a God, an Olympian, and she will be his.


“You asked for an audience, you have it. Now tell me, where do you belong?” Hades’ voice was deep, emotionless.
Ariston swallowed. “Athens.” He met Hades’ gaze, but the God revealed nothing to him.

“Why? You died with honor and glory. Is that not what every soldier wants?” 
“My wife…” His voice wavered.

Hades brow lifted slightly. “Lives. You do not.”

“She is in danger.”

“Earthly danger. She is no longer your concern, Ariston.”

“The danger she faces is not earthly, but far from it…” Ariston’s voice was hoarse, his desperation mounting. He took a wavering breath before he began again. “She is everything to me. I am proud of my death, but it means nothing if she is in peril. I must know.” Ariston kneeled. “I beg you. I beg you to return me to Athens.”

Ariston waited, willing himself to be strong.

“Who is this wife?” Hades asked.

“Medusa of Athens.” He paused. “Now of Rhodes.”

Hades was silent, his dark blue eyes regarding him steadily.

“When I die—” Ariston began.
“You are dead,” Hades assured him.

“When I return…die again, I would serve as guardian to Tartarus. I am a skilled warrior, a skill I might offer you.” He spoke with confidence.

“You vex me,” Hades muttered, the slightest crease appearing between his eyes. “You offer this to me for a woman?”
Ariston nodded. “She is worthy.”

Hades was silent again, his eyes shifting to the blue-white flames in the massive

“My words do not…adequately express the love I have for this woman. But I cannot leave her. She is at risk. I must return.” The words came without thought. How could he justify such emotion to a God who reviled affection or companionship? “As Olympus has my arm and sword, she has my heart – a mortal, and perhaps weak, heart.”

The room was silent for too long. He would have to fight his way out…

“It is a weakness not reserved for mortals alone, Ariston of Rhodes.” Hades’ words were so soft Ariston feared they’d not been spoken. But Hades continued, strong and clear. “I will return you to your ship so that you may lead your men to victory. Too many have fallen from this war and I would see it end. When that is done, you may go to your wife.” He paused then added, “When you return to my realm, I will have your fealty.”

The God of the Underworld, Lord of Death, gave him mercy? Mayhap there was one God he might serve with honor. 

Ariston vowed, “You have it.”


Sasha Summers is part gypsy. Her passions have always been storytelling, history, and travel. It's no surprise that her books visit times past, set in places rich with legends and myth. Her first play, 'Greek Gods and Goddesses' (original title, right?), was written for her Girl Scout troupe.

She's been writing ever since. She loves getting lost in the worlds and characters she creates; even if she frequently forgets to run the dishwasher or wash socks when she's doing so.

Luckily, her four brilliant children and hero-inspiring hubby are super understanding and supportive.

Sasha is an active member of RWA and several Texas Chapters. A self-proclaimed movie-addict, she is full of all sorts of useless movie tidbits and trivia.

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Twitter: @sashawrites


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  1. This book is already on my TBR list. After reading the excerpt I'm super excited for it! Great interview as well! ;)