Friday, June 15, 2012

Book Tour for The Secret Library Series from Xcite Publishing

Xcite Publishing has released a series of 6 books entitled The Secret Library featuring 3 erotic romance novellas in each.  A wide range of authors and time periods are featured throughout the series and today I'm honored to be hosting Justine Elyot and her contributing release, Hungarian Rhapsody.  So let's give Justine a big Welcome.......

Let's Learn Hungarian

Is everyone ready? Egy, kettő, három!

When I got the invitation from Xcite Books to submit an erotic romance novella for their Secret Library project, I was going through one my frequent bursts of enthusiasm for all things Hungarian, so it made sense to set the story there.

I've been having these bursts since I was thirteen and developed a fascination with the composer and super-virtuoso, Franz Liszt, who wrote the Hungarian Rhapsodies from which my title is taken. The music was so joyous and summery and free-spirited that it made me want to find out more about my idol's homeland, so I bought myself a guide book and a dictionary and started listening to short wave radio broadcasts in Hungarian.

There was a problem with this, though – Hungarian is really, really, (really) difficult. There are, for example, up to eighteen different noun cases. It is unlike any other European language, though it has a distant relative in Finnish. Words change meaning according to the prefixes, suffixes or postpositions attached to them.

So the language defeated me (comfortingly, Liszt couldn't speak a word of it either), but it didn't stop me continuing to study and embrace the country's history and culture, and I've poured a lot of what I've so lovingly learned into my story. I hope it seduces you, just as Hungary seduced me.

The Secret Library is a new range from Xcite Books which will appeal to the female romance reader market. Each book contains three specially commissioned novellas guaranteeing a satisfying and varied selection.

The story content is relationship led with a strong alpha male hero, a level of conflict and a climactic, explicit ending.

The covers are deliberately designed without visual imagery to be discreet. These books could be comfortably read in public, given as gifts and left on a bedside table.

The Secret Library contains six books with three erotic romance novellas in each:

Traded Innocence – Toni Sands, Elizabeth Coldwell and K D Grace
Silk Stockings – Constance Munday, Jenna Bright and Lucy Felthouse
One Long Hot Summer – Elizabeth Coldwell, Penelope Friday and Shanna Germain
The Thousand and One Nights – Kitti Bernetti, Primula Bond and Sommer Marsden
The Game – Jeff Cott, Antonia Adams and Sommer Marsden
Hungarian Rhapsody – Justine Elyot, Charlotte Stein and Kay Jaybee

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  1. Thank you so much for having me today! This was a lot of fun.