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Book Tour for Dead or Alive by L.J. Garland (Promo & GIVEAWAY)

Decadent Publishing's 1Night Stand series is a sexy collection of short stories set in different times and places.  In Dead or Alive by LJ Garland, one of my favorite themes, that being sci-fi, brings together a man wanted for murder and a sexy bounty hunter where intrigue abounds creating an entertaining start to what I hope will be a brand new series of its own.  I'm bringing you a glimpse of this story today as well as giving you the chance to win it.  So read on and see what has me so excited.....

Dead or Alive by LJ Garland

Rhykar Evierse has been on the Most Wanted list for years. His attempts to expose the evil deeds of Vast Innovations’ founder, Mertan Graiton, has landed him on the wrong end of the law—and on the wrong end of a sexy bounty hunter’s pistol. Now, Rhykar’s wanted for a murder he didn’t commit. Desperate to clear his name, he contacts the one woman who can save him. He hopes she’ll give him one night to prove himself.

When Selea Val’keer receives Rhykar’s call for help, anger and lust rip through her. How can she be attracted to a criminal? Unable to resist, she accepts his invitation to meet through Madame Evangeline’s 1Night Stand service. But what will she do when she sees him again—kiss him or shoot him?


“So, what’s the plan here, Rhykar?” She glanced from the huge window to the door and back to him. “No way out.”

“I came to you for help.” He allowed his gaze to wander over her, taking in her rumpled clothing, disheveled hair. The package was more alluring than the daydreams of their first kiss. Gods, he’d hoped for more than this. “I go out there, I’m dead. I stay here, you’ll have to shoot me cause I’m not going in willfully. Seems either way I’m finished.”

“So, what then?”

His attention landed on her swollen, wet lips and his body answered for him. “Strip.”

Her eyes widened, astonishment surfacing her face. “What?”

He brandished the pistol. “Strip.”

She frowned, but with a slight shrug, her long coat slipped from her shoulders and crumpled to the floor. Beneath, dark pants hugged her hips and a tight, green shirt accentuated delicious dips and curves. Rhykar stared. Gods, she was really going to do it.

Stepping toward him, she gave him a sexy smile that sent his heart pounding and his body pulsing. He could forgive that she wanted to take him in, that she’d bit him. At this moment, he could forgive her anything.

Pivoting, she bent her knees in an evocative pose. He watched, mesmerized as she licked her lips and then slapped her hand against her rounded bottom. She smirked, and with a quick twist, she spun around, her foot connecting with his wrist, sending the pistol flying. Before he could react, she snagged the weapon midair and pointed it at him, a cool smile on her mouth.

He tilted his head and grimaced. “Now what, Selea?”

She arched a brow. “Strip.”



Though born and raised in the south, L.J. Garland has lived on both the east and west coasts. She adores traveling, the latest adventures added to her Bucket List: Machu Pichu and Australia’s Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

Married to her best friend for over twenty years, she spends her time home schooling three rambunctious boys, editing in the epub industry, and writing stories that she hopes catches her readers’ imaginations as much as the characters and plotlines captivate her. In her spare time (what there is of it LOL), she has a multitude of hobbies, including building archery equipment from scratch and creating stained glass. She has a passion for anything that goes Boom!…from fireworks to high-powered combat rifles…it’s all good. She and her husband are both rated helicopter pilots and spent their 10th anniversary flying cross-country from east to west coast…an adventure she highly recommends.

A member of RWA, she has several published books, and is hard at work, brainstorming and writing her next romance story.

Visit L.J. online at


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  1. A B+ review by joder...Very Good!

    What interesting character names? How did you come up with them in this book, L.J.?

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  2. Nice excerpt. The book sounds good.