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Book Spotlight on Beneath the Truth by Meghan March (REVIEW)

A woman's teenage crush comes bubbling to the surface in this tale of friends to lovers where complications arise as obligations, honor, and loyalty weigh down this compelling burgeoning romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Beneath the Truth by Meghan March, with its tale of danger, police corruption, and unrequited feelings.  You'll also get my impressions of this exhilarating romance, you'll then want to add this emotionally intense seventh and final installment to the Beneath series to your bookshelf!

From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes the final sexy standalone set in the Beneath world of New Orleans.
I used to believe there were lines in life you don't cross.
Don't lie. Don't cheat. Don't steal.
Until I learned people don't always practice what they preach.
I turned in my badge and gun and walked away from everything.
Then I got the call no one wants, and I’m back in New Orleans.
What I don't expect is for her to be here too.
Another line you don’t cross?
Don't touch your best friend’s little sister.
She's always been off-limits.
Too bad I don't follow the rules anymore.


Wham. My heart slammed against my ribs as it sped up about twenty beats per minute.
The heat and delicious woodsy citrus scent radiating from his body did good things to me. Things that made me want to do very bad things to him. I wasnt a seventeen-year-old virgin anymore. I knew my way around a man, but I had to admit, the hipsters in Cali had nothing on a homegrown Louisiana man like Rhett.
When he spoke, he leaned in so close that I could feel his breath on my ear. You missed that shot on purpose."
My gaze jumped from the sexy five oclock shadow shading his jaw to his piercing green eyes.
Wha-what are you talking about? I smacked myself mentally when my old stammer kicked in. Of course he would cause it.
That shot. You missed on purpose. I saw you adjust at the last minute. Why?"
I swallowed the saliva pooling in my mouth and decided to take the safest exit from this situation. Lying.
Cue slipped."
His eyes narrowed on me. Youre lying and youre terrible at it, just like youve always been. He reached up and pressed his thumb to my left eyebrow. You get a twitch right here."
Oh my God. Rhett Hennessy is touching me. And whats more. . . he knows my tell. He noticed me!
The fifteen-year-old inside me did a terrible cartwheel at the realization. Okay, more of a round-off. With a tumble in the grass to finish. Whatever.
But outwardly, I was trapped in that green gaze until he decided to let me go—or until I came to my senses.
I cleared my throat and sidestepped him. Whatever you say, hotshot. I need another drink."
Focusing on putting one four-inch heel in front of the other without biting it, I escaped to the table and reached for the whiskey glass I’d left behind, interrupting my brother and the waitress. They both stared at me as I chugged the contents.
Id always wondered what it would feel like to have Rhetts attention, and now I knew. In a word, it was . . . unnerving.
Hows the game going? my brother asked.
Fine. Keeping my answer short meant he couldnt tell that I was lying. Heath wasnt nearly as observant as Rhett.
You winning?"
Thanking the Lord that Heath obviously hadnt been watching, I shrugged. I guess."
He glanced toward Rhett and then back to me. The sister I know and love doesnt lose at pool. Ever. Even to Rhett Hennessy."
I lowered the glass to the table and straightened my shoulders. Like they say, things change."
He nodded slowly. That may be true about most things, Flounder. But youre a pool shark and we both know it."
Before I could respond, Heaths attention jumped back to the waitress. I took another ten seconds to gather myself, also known as drinking offensively in my mind, before I crossed the floor to face off against my former obsession.
You all right, Red? Rhett asked.
Dont call me that. And Ive never been better."
His gaze dipped to my feet and dragged up my body. I can agree with that statement."
Whoa. Who is this guy with the innuendo? glance at his empty whiskey glass told me he was drinking heavily as well. Was this the booze talking? Or was Rhett Hennessy not just noticing mebut noticing me?
Either way, I had to play it cool. Or at least pretend to play it cool, since it seemed I might fall short.
Your turn, hotshot. Better not miss, because Ill clear the table next time,” I said, but my cocky attitude backfired.
Rhett didnt miss. He sank his balls and then the eight, ending the game almost as quickly as it started. He returned his cue to the rack and turned to face me, all traces of the earlier heat banked, his expression shuttered.
Game over."
What the hell just happened?




Through six books Ms. March has crafted an over-arcing storyline involving drugs, corruption, and long-held secrets.  It's a series that has kept readers on the edge of their seats, introducing us to unforgettable heroes and heroines who have been mired in all sorts of grays as it's a gritty world they reside in.  Ms. March has saved the best for last though in this action-packed finale full of unexpected villains, blood, and a nicely wrapped-up HEA.

Rhett Hennessy comes from a family of cops but it's a family whose reputation has been left in tatters after accusations whirl around his dead brother and father.  Feeling disillusioned by all the beliefs he once held he left his past behind, along with all the people he once cared about.  A tragic event though has him rushing back home and puts him in the middle of a drug war where the definition between friends and enemies becomes blurred.  Creating even more havoc at such an emotional time is reuniting with his best friend's little sister, the woman he's known since she was a child and who he's struggled to keep at arm's length.  As he struggles to discover the truth about his family, a dangerous individual threatens the woman he can no longer stay away from and puts both of them in the cross hairs.  Rhett always had a soft spot for the geeky and quiet Ariel.  He was her protector and always fixed every hurt that befell her.  Having no mother meant his family became hers and as their childhoods intertwined he found the lines hard to keep from crossing.  He knew of her teenage crush for him but out of honor and obligations he never acted on his increasingly conflicted feelings.  Returning home he finds a grown-up Ariel with curves and an attitude he no longer wants to ignore.  One clandestine kiss soon leads to more and with danger creeping ever closer he can no longer ignore the temptation she presents and seeks to claim her forever...if they can only avoid her crazed ex claiming her for himself.  Rhett's a romantic hero, loyal to friends and family and honorable in how he lives.  He's a bit lost though after the life he made for himself turned out to be a lie.  The moment he sees Ariel though he sees something worth living and dying for and puts his life on the line to keep her safe.  He's a sexy beast teeming with sensuality and is a bit alpha when it comes to their early interactions.  Theirs is a combustible friends to lovers connection that had me rooting for them from start to finish.

Ariel always felt left out, the girl who wasn't like the others.  She's smart, studious, and embraced all things geek.  Her birth led to the death of her mother and ever since then she's always felt something missing and it led to a less than feminine childhood.  As her brother's best friend she spent a lot of time around Rhett and his family.  He protected her and became the epitome of all her girlhood fantasies but those fantasies never became a reality.  Years apart has changed her dramatically.  She used her smarts to become a millionaire and she's finally learned to embrace her womanhood.  She's now more than a match for Rhett and it makes for a combustible reunion full of alcohol and flirting.  When one kiss becomes more their relationship takes an erotic turn that complicates their futures.  An even bigger complication is her dangerous ex-boyfriend who isn't who he seems and who drags her into a war that unearths even more heartbreaking truths.  From the moment readers meet Ariel you can't help but like her.  She's a computer genius, full of book smarts, and isn't afraid to show those smarts.  She's strong-willed and doesn't hold back in sticking up for herself.  Her banter with Rhett is like a tug of war and was immensely entertaining.  She's ultimately a kind hearted person who always assumes the best of people, but in this story discovers the worst, which made me grateful she had Rhett by her side.  Together they're a formidable couple and they had me cheering for them every step of the way.

With her Beneath series Ms. March has created a cast of characters who've become like family.  Each has been put through the wringer and come out of it stronger because of the power of love.  Despite all the grittiness surrounding them they've each found their own slice of heaven.  This story is no different as Rhett and Ariel's time together afforded them a port in the storm amidst all the danger surrounding them.  It's a compelling mystery readers find themselves caught up in, full of surprising villains and heartbreaking secrets.  It truly kept me on the edge of my seat.  Along with the well-crafted suspense was a satisfying romance that sometimes took a backseat to the danger.  Despite that I still found myself fully invested in these friends to lovers and saddened yet satisfied that this is The End.  While this book's epilogue was nicely wrapped up with a sentimental bow, I have high hopes for the future with the introduction of the charismatic and mysterious Lachlan Mount who knows all and sees all.  The brief glimpse I got of him here has left me breathless and counting down the days until his story begins to unfold!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She's also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she's ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at

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